Environmental Issues In Silent Spring, By Rachel Carson

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Silent Spring, a book by Rachel Carson, is a book that explains the harmful effects that deadly chemical have on humans and the environment. Carson tries to persuade people to change the way they live. Has Carson succeeded in her attempt to change people’s behavior involving environmental issues? There are many ways that Carson has made changes in how people think about the problem of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides.

You may ask, how is Carson successful in her attempt? Carson has spread so much awareness of the problem that she talks about in Silent Spring. Eliza Griswold from the New York Times tells us (2012), Silent Spring has sold over two million copies. Carson has spread her ideas and concerns across the world through two million copies of Silent Spring. However, did the change in awareness actually make a change in what we do? Do people actually care about it even though we know about it? Yes, one major effect of her book is that an organization was created due to Carson’s writing. America’s Library, a site by the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
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Besides many agencies and individuals caring about the issues that Carson brought up in Silent Spring, many government officials, like President Kennedy, cared about the issues that Carson brought up. Along with this, many laws and regulations were also created. Mark Stoll said (2012), after Carson’s Silent Spring was published, Congress made many revisions to regulations of chemicals in the United States. Carson’s book was successful enough to make Congress make changes to existing laws about chemicals. Before Carson’s book, letters that were sent to the government to have regulations put in place or changed concerning chemical use in the United States were not taken seriously, or not seen as serious

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