The Necessary Revolution By Peter Senge

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The Necessary Revolution Book Review The book, Necessary Revolution is written by Peter Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz, Joe Laur and Sara Schley. It discusses how people, organizations and nations are joining hands to come up with positive changes especially in light of sustainability problems that include global warming that is a threat to humanity and the environment. The book tries to lay emphasis on issues of sustainability which have brought about a global dilemma that affects nearly all of us. Their arguments are based on the unity of mankind in trying to alleviate these sustainability problems before things get out of hand. They try to explore at ways which these actions can be profitable and …show more content…
These are important factors which sustain life on this planet. The book demonstrates how these essentials are under severe attack with forests and wetlands being on the verge of vanishing .completely. It goes further to explain how our rivers and water sources are heavily polluted and how the situation forces people to migrate from villages to cities that consequently results into the development of slums, shanty towns or even squatter camps. The worst among these problems is the issue of global warming. The world is getting hotter as a result of atmospheric accumulation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This is a looming catastrophe which needs not be taken lightly. CO2 increases water acidity which in turn destroys coral reefs that are crucial to marine life. An increase in CO2 will continue to cause more warming in the atmosphere and needs to be checked. This then calls for between 60-80% emission reductions in the next two

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