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  • Love In Our Culture Short Story

    Every day, we come across love in our culture. We are surrounded by it. It is in our movies, novels, poems, and they all celebrate it as if it is all that we need. We have come to expect love to be the cure-all for all of our life’s problems, which often leads to our relationships suffering. The three short stories, “That Color” by Jon McGregor, “Reunion” by Edward Mullany, and “The Ache” by Elena Bossi, all tell the same story: love is not enough. There are other aspects of relationships that are just as, if not more important than love; things like understanding, compassion, and respect. And the success of our relationships hinges on these deeper and more important values. The story of “The Ache” tells a romantic tale of loss and yearning.…

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  • I Love Jack Short Story

    when things got bad, what I miss the most about him along with his smile, laugh, idiotic dancing, drinking competitions, crying on his shoulder, hanging out at Cronulla and just being around him made you forget everything on your mind. Before we all lost jack, I would sit there and hug him so tight and talk to him for hours each day, that 's how I know so much about depression, pain and other mental illnesses. I saw it all through my own eyes with him, all the demons inside and then I went…

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  • Love In Howard Fast's Short Stories

    Love is a common theme in many narratives, however, writers who use this theme as a tool in the progression of their stories tend to cling to it’s cliché and typical form. Howard Fast, on the other hand, in his warped account of a slave revolt in ancient Rome, titled Spartacus, uses love in a more unconventional manner. His main characters all experience and react differently to love which creates, in a sense, a spectrum of the various kinds of love. For the purposes of this paper, we will focus…

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  • How Love Affects Us: A Short Story

    How Love Affects Us “You’ve been elected to represent the track team this year.” uttered Kelsey. “What? You’re not running this year?” Audrey, a 17 year old girl who loves running, got on the track team this year. How did she get on the track team? People say she cheated, she did “dirty” things, but most of all they said she got lucky. Audrey was not lucky. In her entire life, she has always had borderline grades. From C or D or F, she pulls out a victory always. Like running, she never…

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  • The Word Love Short Story Summary

    Having arguments with your mother isn’t a rare thing, nor is living far away from her. There are many pieces of literature in which mothers and daughters don’t have the best relationship. In Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s book Arranged Marriage there are two stories that stood out to me with this particular theme. In both “The Word Love” and “The Maid Servant’s Story” uneasy relationships between mother and daughter cause distance and pain for both. In the story “The Word Love” the narrator…

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  • Lasting Love Is Never Stagnant Short Story

    Lasting Love Is Never Stagnant As time passes, the lovesickness fades. That is not to say he loves her any less than the day he married her, no, if anything he loves her more today than he did yesterday and will love her more tomorrow than he does today. But they become more comfortable, more secure with each other and the need for grand gestures of affection fades. It is enough for him that she stays up for him no matter how late into the night he works. It is almost a habit now, coming into…

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  • The Importance Of Love In David Foster Wallace's Short Stories

    What is love? This is a question that I often ask myself. Still, I don’t have a definite answer. I find that because love is just an emotion people are free to show it however they wish or to not show it at all. Love is just so complicated. Whether it’s someone’s personal issues or a simple loss in interest, things rarely really work out. Regardless, we all feel it. In David Foster Wallace’s short stories, we the readers take a look at two different scenarios involving love. In particular a love…

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  • The Love Of My Life Short Story Summary

    Death of Love or Lies T. Coraghessan Boyle, author of “The Love of My Life,” seems to have a point to get across in his short story about the unwanted being that the lovebirds have made. With the presentation of this couple in a descriptive and non-verbal way, one can see how the story seems to be intended for young adult readers who will be able to recognize the young, but powerful love that is shown. However, these loving notions are not to be seen without a conflict that seems to create…

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  • Love In 'Poor Fish And The Tall Woman And Her Short Husband'

    Love is in the eyes of the beholder. This statement has been uttered throughout time and throughout the world. Love has influenced everything from art to music, even writing. Ji-Cai and Moravia used the concept of love in their short stories "Poor Fish" and "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband" to not only reach a wide audience but to also show that love is not "skin deep". "Poor Fish" is about a less than fortunate man who became friends with a woman who can see past his insecurities. "The…

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  • Short Story Analysis Of Louise Erdrich's 'Love Medicine'

    devices and its theme throughout stories to make a story come into depth to the audience. These elements allow the audience to connect in a real-life situations which generate the potential in the short stories. Louise Erdrich’s “Love Medicine” is a fantastic piece that represents a story analysis work in the culture of writing. Erdrich short stories are based on encouraging women to remain strong with their identity to reflect and acknowledge the power they have. Many stories always carry many…

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