The Love Of My Life Short Story Summary

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Death of Love or Lies
T. Coraghessan Boyle, author of “The Love of My Life,” seems to have a point to get across in his short story about the unwanted being that the lovebirds have made. With the presentation of this couple in a descriptive and non-verbal way, one can see how the story seems to be intended for young adult readers who will be able to recognize the young, but powerful love that is shown. However, these loving notions are not to be seen without a conflict that seems to create questions of whether the love is just fabricated. The short story also seems to pose questions about the practice of neglecting or outright killing a newborn child. These adult topics and themes are a core part of a genre of fiction that has been really popular
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While this short story does not feature much of the growth, what is shown is the implications that their lives will be changed based on a single and inexperienced mistake. China and Jeremy saw each other off to college, where they both considered themselves independent adults. As they saw less of one another due to college, the problem of an unexpected pregnancy also came up. This seems to metaphorically put the last nail in the coffin of their picturesque relationship that was first presented. Anytime they seem to be together after that test was read, they seem to be worrying about hiding the pregnancy and not actually spending their time together like a normal couple. This, coupled with the fact that China’s needs as a pregnant woman might not have been being met, put a high amount of strain on both of them. When the option of abortion is thrown out, China is more adamant on keeping the pregnancy a secret than actually thinking about the baby. When the dumpster baby is found and made a public debacle, love seems to be only a memory. The public ridicule, the house arrest, and the dealings with lawyers and juries seem to put Jeremy in a tough spot that requires him to act older than he

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