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  • The Reflection Of Writing: The Process Of The Writing Process

    The writing process is different and unique to all individuals; many people follow the ideal steps of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing as opposed to others taking shortcuts, skipping steps, and going straight to editing. The writing process is the course one takes to get from prewriting to the publication of their essay; since everyone is a different, their writing process will also be different. For me, I believe that following the ideal writing process steps are a tremendous help to organizing my essay and spacing out the work throughout the time the assignment is assigned. To begin writing an essay I must first prewrite; to prewrite is to brainstorm ideas from the prompt by outlining, diagramming, clusterings, or…

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  • The Haber Process

    The Haber process In modern society mankind relies on industrial chemistry processes. This industrial chemistry process is known as “The Haber Process” it is responsible for the production of the compound ammonia; which is accountable for the world’s consumption of natural gas (BBC, 2014). The Haber process is the method of synthesizing the compound of ammonia which is produced from Hydrogen (H2) and Nitrogen (N2) gas (Sinha, 2014). In 1909 a German named Fritz Haber developed the compound of…

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  • My Process Of Writing: My Writing Process

    ]My Composition Process Writing is a process that allows me to be heard. I am a timid person when it comes to speaking aloud. However, writing enables me to speak volumes. Most of the time my writing process is carefully organized. Other times I struggle to even form a sentence. My writing process consists of creating a structured format, a peaceful writing environment, tools to write, and communication with others if I should have trouble writing. Writing is an easy and simple process when it…

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  • Reflective Writing Process

    In the development of writing, every individual generates a composing process and a specific way in which they develop their ideas into a finalize piece. From outlines to prewriting specific points you wish to include in your piece, every individual identifies through a different approach that fits their thought process, all with the use of metacognition and awareness of one’s own feelings. Throughout not only this semester but, through many years of schooling, I have begun to develop my process…

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  • Example Of Process Theology

    Basic Introduction: Process theology is defined as “a contemporary expression of Christian faith.”(5) Though the word, “contemporary expression” can have different connotations, in my view, according to one’s understanding and perspective it lets the reader contemplate on the idea about how one’s personal understanding can, or is a part of one’s course of action. Pointing to the word “expression,” one can also perceive the inclusion of orthopraxis, (Dancing with God, 34) which further leads one…

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  • The Importance Of The Writing Process

    the writing process. Often, college writing professors emphasize the use of the writing process to complete essays throughout the English course, yet a majority of college students fail to embrace the writing process. College students would rather write the way they prefer and wait until the last minute to write essays. Most of these college students believe that the writing process is not an essential key to writing the perfect paper and it is too hard to follow. They believe writing can be…

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  • Reflection Of A Writing Process

    English 104 with a very good professor and understanding I feel that the learning I got was easily taught and give at a reasonable pace for me to get used to the new college atmosphere which is great and I really enjoyed my first semester. When Professor Horjus had handed out the directions for portfolio three I took this as another “yes”. Now I feel that I can write with ease and of course I am going to run into problems with my writing but who doesn’t? Its something that every great writer…

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  • My Planning Process

    Describe your planning process. How did you develop your ideas? Please cite research and/or theory that supports your instructional decision making. I originally wanted my students to write and present a self-written story to demonstrate their understanding of “Benchmark SS.1.6.1 - Describe ways in which your own and other cultures express cultural beliefs and practices through stories and/or legends.” However, I later realized that asking first graders to write a story and present it, all in…

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  • My Writing Process

    The writing process Since I started pursuing my education, writing remains to be part of my life. It has come in handy while pursuing my education as it is an effective tool of communication. To me, it is the best way of expressing my feelings as I am in full control of the process. It is an appropriate way to put my thoughts down in writing. I get to portray my world in writing. It facilitates a platform where I can share my thoughts and communicate them to my audience. Additionally, writing…

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  • Recruitment And Selection Process

    policies and practises To analyse the recruitment and selection process of this organisation, a comparison with available literature must be made. By doing so the differences in the policies of the Bibliotheek Arnhem and the best practises from within the literature will surface – or not if there are none –. After these potential differences are pointed out, a recommendation is given on how to improve these factors. To start off, some of the really strong points of the recruitment and selection…

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