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  • Process Essay: The Writing Process

    Painting an Essay My writing process is similar to making art in many ways. When painting, one has to be delicate and deliberate, hoping for the best, but working with mistakes. The colors on the canvas are softly brushed onto the paper, and the sketch below drafts a form created from the depths of the mind. Every word must come together to create an image that speaks to the audience. A lot of the process is involved even before putting my pencil to the page. I have to come up with an idea of what to even draw in the first place, and I have to find some kind of inspiration that will guide me. This is the same with my writing process, especially when assigned a topic. I have to find some source of inspiration for the topic or my writing becomes flat and boring. When painting, I create a rough draft of what I plan to paint. This sketch is often a separate page that is full of scribbles and studies of what I plan to draw, similar to creating an organizational diagram of my writing ideas and picking out what I plan to write about. More often than not, when I am making art, it…

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  • Process Analysis: The Writing Process

    Draft zero: Writing Process Analysis My writing process is emotional. It is like a beautiful piece of art being made out of pain. Every single one of us takes different methods or steps in our writing process. Mine could be improved with simple anxiety therapy! And more time to do things. My writing process is a step by step method. Consisting of first I gather my material that I need; Paper, sharpened pencils, a snack, a radio with CD’s, a blanket or sheet, and a big or multiple Chai Tea…

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  • Process Group Reflection Paper

    Starting this semester, I was feeling excited to know how counseling groups work and what kind of groups there are in diverse fields. Also, I was enthusiastic to be in a process group with my classmates that I spent the last semester with. Last time I had process group, was with students from different cohorts that I did not have any connection. This semester, being in a process group with classmates of my same clinical group was a great and unique experience. At the beginning of this class, I…

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  • The Reflection Of Writing: The Process Of The Writing Process

    The writing process is different and unique to all individuals; many people follow the ideal steps of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing as opposed to others taking shortcuts, skipping steps, and going straight to editing. The writing process is the course one takes to get from prewriting to the publication of their essay; since everyone is a different, their writing process will also be different. For me, I believe that following the ideal writing process steps are a…

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  • The Writing Process

    introduced the students to the second-to -last step in the writing process: Editing. We started on the rug, as I introduced the editing checklist. The checklist had four main points – it had students check for capitalization, punctuation, spelling and understanding. I used an exemplar of a book review, and modeled how an editor would read the piece once and then go down the checklist with a careful eye and mark up the paper. I started with capitalization, before moving down to punctuation,…

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  • Process Essay: Composing Process Of My Writing

    Composing Process I recently started back to school after many years of working. Although assigned writing is a little stressful for me, I am attempting to get used to it. I like to think I am a fun person to talk to, however I do not feel I am an entertaining writer by any means. Writing is a great challenge to me because writing restricts facial expressions, tone of voice and hand gestures in which I use very frequently while speaking. This poses a problem as I try to organize and arrange…

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  • Process Essay: The Five Steps Of The Writing Process

    Every individual has his or her own writing process. But, certainly writing is an art and the five-step process of writing which seems to be linear starting from prewriting to publishing is cyclical and recursive. Keeping a track of this process a writer can carve out a way to a good piece of writing on any topic. The writing process has five steps, which are prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. These steps are written like a recipe, the sequence is really essential. The five…

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  • My Writing Process Of Writing: My Composition Process

    ]My Composition Process Writing is a process that allows me to be heard. I am a timid person when it comes to speaking aloud. However, writing enables me to speak volumes. Most of the time my writing process is carefully organized. Other times I struggle to even form a sentence. My writing process consists of creating a structured format, a peaceful writing environment, tools to write, and communication with others if I should have trouble writing. Writing is an easy and simple process when it…

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  • Reflection On The Writing Process

    When I look back at my elementary years, I remember being irritated for having to go through the long writing process. I laugh to myself now because I chose this as my research topic. I chose this topic because I think writing is such a crucial curriculum standard for all students to feel comfortable with. I remember in middle school working on the writing process all the way up to even high school. Now I am happy that I had teachers who believed in using the writing process. I feel the writing…

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  • The Writing Process Analysis

    development of writing, every individual generates a composing process and a specific way in which they develop their ideas into a finalize piece. From outlines to prewriting specific points you wish to include in your piece, every individual identifies through a different approach that fits their thought process, all with the use of metacognition and awareness of one’s own feelings. Throughout not only this semester but, through many years of schooling, I have begun to develop my process and…

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