Environmental Problems Essay

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  • Environmental Problems In China

    fuels. Environmental problems have increased highly throughout many centuries. Our population is growing out of control and has put an increase pressure on natural resources, water, raw materials, and land. In the world environmental problems are getting worse every day because of extracting the resources are put into production which could cause pollution. To help the environment there are ways to protect it by using renewable materials, recycling, and planting trees. In the Earth there are many resources that we use to survive, but it could be depleted if it is overused. People could…

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  • Environmental Racism Problem

    Environmental racism has been a problem for many years. Some people have died, some people have went to jail over this and some has gotten very sick. The government has placed hazardous toxics all over the world in minority communities. Environmental racism is something that effects people in different ways everywhere. The problems have a long history that continues to this day. The government has been putting hazardous toxic in mostly black and Hispanic neighborhoods. For example, the text…

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  • China's Environmental Problems

    China as the second largest economic power in the world currently is facing a dilemma- development or environment? Since the late 1970s, China’s rapid economic development has been accompanied by environmental problems especially pollution and also resource constraints. Thus, it is a challenge for China to resolve and balance both development and environment due to its unique demography and terrain. The study focuses on the development needs and the importance of the environment in the case of…

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  • Environmental Racism As A Social Problem

    Another social problem that relates to environmental problems is the growing inequality between the rich and the poor. The top over consume energy, raw materials, and manufactured goods, and the poor must cut down trees, grow crops, and fish. Due to this, both the rich and the poor are committing acts that are harmful to the planet. This leads to the next problem of inequality between the rich and the poor. The poor, because of dangerous jobs and residential segregation, are more exposed than…

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  • Environmental Problems In Cambodia Essay

    The world is being polluted and it is an issue that is becoming one of the most crucial problems to solve, especially in Cambodia, where it is only getting worse everyday. The environment crisis is considered as a top priority issue in this country due to the challenges the country needed to overcome in trying to mitigate the impact it has on its citizens. The three major problems that Cambodia has been facing nowadays are deforestation, lack of waste management and air pollution. Firstly, the…

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  • Environmental Problems In Bitterroot Valley

    It is redundant to say that Montana can provide a small(er) scale representation of the United States, each state represents the whole in some way or another, however, it is fair to say that the remoteness of Bitterroot serves almost like a control group for the rest of the country. As Diamond puts it, “Bitterroot valley presents a microcosm of the environmental problems plaguing the rest of the United States: Increasing population… increasing scarcity and decreasing quality of water… poor air…

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  • Human Overpopulation: A Global Environmental Problem

    to a situation where the number of people living within a specified geographical area exceeds its capacity regarding the available resources. When the population exceeds the resources then, there will be some problems that range from social, economic and health. Today, overpopulation is a global concern, given the adverse environmental implications of the phenomenon. Recent demographical studies done in 2009 found the world population to be 7.1 billion people and forecasted a possible growth of…

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  • Importance Of Environmental Quality As A Social Problem

    Environmental Quality as a Social Problem When we speak of environmental quality, we are speaking about the quality of our total environment, not just the natural environment. “Environmental quality is the measure of the health of that environment itself (including the plants and animals it supports), and of the effects it has on the health, comfort, and psychological state of the people that inhabit it.” We all agree that the environment people live in has a noticeable effect on their health,…

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  • Ethical And Environmental Problems Of Being Vegetarian

    The average American consumes 209 pounds of meat per year. Today, many kids are suffering from obesity at an early stage in their lives. They are making bad food choices. Kids would rather eat a hamburger or hot dog than a plate of vegetables. Society has changed where the biggest side of a plate is meat than vegetables. Each corner street a person could find a fast food restaurant and not a local market. It is easier to eat at a fast food restaurant than buying fresh products and cook as a…

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  • Environmental And Political Problem Of World Hunger

    Hunger is an environmental and political problem that we face. Even though food production has increased, and is enough to feed the entire population of the world, still there are more than 1 billion people suffering from hunger. In this report we will discuss the causes, effects of hunger, how to stop it, and the history of hunger. Causes: Hunger is caused by two main reasons to hunger. The first is human caused reasons like wars. For example, the second world war has caused a shortage of…

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