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  • Down With Community Service Essay

    people do not have enough extra time to do community service. I have been doing a survey about the subject matter for a few days, and I have come up with some interesting results. It seems that eight out of ten students that are about to graduate high school are planning to go to college after they graduate. I also asked them about doing community service. Most of them said that they would be getting a job, and they would not have time to do community service. My survey has brought me to the conclusion

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  • Essay on Benefit of Community Service

    in career growth. Community service aids in career growth of youth volunteering for these services. The service activities provide the students with opportunities to explore potential careers, experience the “actual world” of the career field which they have chosen for themselves, develop and grow professional skills, develop contacts, improve their resume, and practically apply all information that they have learned in their academic settings. 5.Beneficial to the community. All efforts related

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  • Essay on Importance of Community Service

    effectively deliver messages to others, but it also can help strengthen existing relationships between people and help to form positive bonds in future interactions. This skill is especially important when the service provided is tutoring or being someone’s mentor. Secondly, community service allows a person to build team player skills. Working one on one with an individual might not be that challenging for many people, but trying to work with a group of people can be very challenging to some. Without

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  • Community Service Essay

    time they took the bat. Many of these kids, especially those twelve years and older, were only playing baseball so they could stay away from doing bad things, and they eventually grew to love coming to the park to play baseball. I learned that my community values its parks and baseball fields much more than I initially thought. I initially also thought that I'd never have the patience to teach a group of children, whether in school or not, but since it was

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  • Community Service Helps Everyone Essay

    found that those who help others will increase in happiness and overall health, despite any major events or minor events. Charles Oberweiser stated that community service can generate friendships between all those working together and those being helped, which will create happiness for all of those involved. Being thanked for performing a service will almost always increase the happiness of the person being thanked. This means that if a person volunteers more than people are more likely to thank them

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  • NO Mandatory Community Service for Students! Essay

    diplomas for ransom, pending compliance with the prevailing belief of self-sacrifice, are engaging in nothing less than unconstitutional moral teaching. Supporters of mandatory community service insist that it is really for the students' own good. For example, the Bethlehem program claimed that compulsory service helps students "develop pride in assisting others." (Bowden 1998) But does anyone really believe that students will develop pride by surrendering to orders, abandoning their

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  • Community Service: First Impressions Essay

    After 22 long years of Mr, Spybey;’s dedicated and full hearted service that made Jacaranda what it is today, He stepped down and retired, allowing his good friend Tina Dass to come in and replace him in his management and director positions. She has been managing the workshop since 2007 up to present. The workshop has received assistance from the likes of The Kenya Fair Trades Organization for Artisans (KEFAT) which helps to support the less privileged of Nairobi exporting their goods worldwide

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  • Community Service as a Graduation Requirement Essay

    benefits in socializing with other races (Chang). Volunteering is a great way to interact with people from other cultures. By volunteering, individuals learn to appreciate other cultures’ initiative and hard work that they put into helping the community as well as teaching the volunteer more about the world, and the people that surround him each and every day. Less fortunate people in various places attempt to reach out for help all the time. The minute people take time out of their busy schedules

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  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Community Service or Social Service as Modes of Criminal Punishment.

    The advantages and disadvantages of Community service or social service as modes of criminal punishment. Community service or social service is a mode of punishment provide by the law which the offender can escape imprisonment or fines. Community service acts as an alternative to the harsh criminal punishment. Generally, community service is handed down by a judge or magistrate to the first-timer offender or teenage offender. This punishment can also be handed down in the case of minor offences

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  • Community Service Changed My Life! Essay

    visitors and newcomers what our fine city was founded on? What if we did not have an organization devoted to providing clothes to those who cannot afford them? The outcome is a less unified community. I can honestly say that the Legacy Scholarship showed me the importance of volunteering and how it betters our community. Many of the places I have chosen to volunteer at involve working with children. Whether it be coaching a tennis clinic at the Bush Tennis Center or doing arts and crafts at The Petroleum

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  • Community Service Taught Me Patience Essay

    mother’s stomach and said “my sista” along with my name. It was her wish she could have a sister named after me. Ever since then, whenever she asked if I was her “sista,” I always replied: “Yes, of course, I’m your sister.” I have volunteered for other service organizations and I enjoyed each experience. However, meeting and helping this little girl changed my attitude and I looked forward to each week because of the bond that formed between me and this special patient. My volunteer work at the Children’s

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  • Reflection of The Great Compassion Service and the Issue of Money in the Buddhist Community

    behind there was always a nun who would walk over and help me out. The service ended with everyone making an offering of incense. I didn’t go up, but many people lined up to place their incense in a small side room. At the end of the service, one of the monks passed out bottles of water that were labeled holy water. A monk gave a talk in Chinese that was translated for me using a radio given to me by a nun. He talked about how service involves showing our respect to Buddha and Bodhisattva, confessing

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  • Reflection of Community Service Essay

    There was a main course, usually a pasta or casserole with meats. Then there are steamed mixed vegetables from cans, mixed fruits out of cans, sort of fresh vegetable salads, bread, and deserts. However, the people is allowed to choose what they want to eat and the portion they want, if they choose not to eat vegetables or fruits then they are missing those nutrients for the meal, possibly for the day. The supervisor has been working there for several years and has become familiar with most of the

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  • Required Community Service for Students Essay

    Sleep, especially in the teen years, is one of the most important parts of human life. Without it people have a way of wilting; becoming much less than they could potentially be. Lack of sleep has a profound impact on mental capacity. This requirement would result in a drop in student grades. The key factor in this situation is mental exhaustion. Exhaustion due to lack of sleep, exhaustion due to lack of time to relax and wind down–a requirement tantamount to sleep–and exhaustion due to a

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  • Community Policing and Community Justice

    CJ220 Criminal Justice and the Community Community policing is explained as a collaboration of community and the police working together to help identify and solve criminal activities. Additionally, the whole concept behind it is to promote public safety and to enhance the quality of life within the neighborhoods in which we reside in. Community policing is composed of two major components which are community partnership and problem solving. Community policing is a program that was initially

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  • Essay on Community Health Assessment of a Community

    excellent service. The waste disposal and pest control department maintains healthy and hygienic environment. There are community parks, swimming pools, sports clubs, and many other establishments providing amenities to support the physical and leisure activities of the residents. The community has a big golf clubs. In addition to this, there are seasonal community fairs and other community events that provide an occasion for community interaction

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  • Community Saftey

    Abstract While community policing is being touted by some as the panacea for all problems in the criminal justice system, others believe that it is just "old wine in a new bottle." Many departments around the country have embraced the tenets of community policing, yet few can answer the bottom-line question: Is it a better way to police? This paper will provide a comprehensive history and evolution of Community Policing; give a history of community policing and lessons learned

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  • Community Policing

    will examine the Community-Oriented Policing Model and determine if it is or isn’t proven to be an effective way of policing. Crime has been a major problem and concern for law enforcement as early as the 1900’s. Citizens had become fed up with such high crime rates and order maintenance issues, and felt something needed to be done to prevent crime and restore order. There are several policing strategies that have been implemented from the traditional model of policing to the Community-Oriented Policing

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  • Community Health

    Community Health C229 1 ! ! ! ! ! ! CKA Task 1 Sharon Wiggins Western Governors University ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Community Health C229 ! ! Date Spent ! ! 6/19/15 ! 6/19/15 ! 6/19/15 ! 6/29-7/2 ! 7/11/15 1200-1700 ! 8/30/15 1100-1600 ! 9/4/15 1100-1200 ! ! 9/9-10/15 0800-1700 0800-1200 ! ! Fieldwork Study Activity Location and Contact Time Windshield Survey Dakota County, Minnesota 10 Cultural

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  • Community Policing Essay

    goals remains largely untested, community policing has gained widespread acceptance. The movement toward community policing has gained momentum in recent years as police and community leaders search for more effective ways to promote public safety and to enhance the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Chiefs, sheriffs, and other policing officials are currently assessing what changes in orientation, organization, and operations will allow them to benefit the communities they serve by improving the

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  • Community Needs Assessment

    Research Method Paper A Community Needs Assessment Research is conducted in a variety of different ways using different methods and methodologies. How these methods are used is imperative to how clear and accurate research will be. Community needs assessment is a research method used by many researchers that assists in finding gaps within a particular target group within a particular community. Throughout this paper I will discuss what a community needs assessment is and when and how it is

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  • The Concept of Community

    THE CONCEPT OF COMMUNITY IS PROBLEMATIC. COMMENT ON YOUTH, CULTURE AND POSTCODE RIVALRY IN INNER CITY LONDON Community has been described and interpreted in different ways. It has been explained by different people in their own understanding and views. The concept of community could be associated with the beliefs, culture and interests. In this essay, the concept of community, what it is and the different types of community will be discussed. Also, the association between community, youth and its

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  • Community Assessment Essay

    Along with their commitment, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital offer quality care, programs that set community standards, while exceeding patient expectation. These services are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner. Sharp Mary Birch Hospital’s programs and services include high-risk pregnancy care (Prenatal Special Care Unit). This 18-bed Prenatal Special Care Unit at Sharp Mary Birch is one of only a few of its kind in the country. The unit receives more than 100 high-risk

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  • Essay on Community Immersion Project

    Hispanic population has greatly impacted how service is delivered in the community. Without a local Social Security office or 5 Department of Social Services, residents flock to neighboring cities for public assistance. In addition, a Mexican shopping center was recently established to provide services that meet the needs of the immigrant population

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  • Scottsdale, Az Community Assessment

    Running head: SCOTTSDALE: COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT AND ANALYSIS Scottsdale: Community Assessment and Analysis Jennifer Hensley Megan Kehrli Isha Maina Maribel Martinez Kelly Simpson Lisa Taylor Grand Canyon University: NRS-427v Community Health February 3, 2013 Scottsdale: Community Assessment and Analysis Scottsdale, Arizona was incorporated in 1951 and is the sixth largest city in Arizona (City of Scottsdale, 2013). Scottsdale is 184.2 square miles located in the picturesque

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  • Community Analysis Essay

    population, accounting for 2.1 percent of the neighborhood's population and represented primarily by the Hmong who had established a tight knit community in Osborn, decreased in number from 1,700 to 560, a loss of two-thirds. The most popular occupation for the population in the Osborn Community is the service industry including jobs such as educational services, and health care and social assistance. The median income is $29,025 which is well below the national and state median of $50,502 and $45,981

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  • Community Diagnosis Essay

    In the Philippines, the Department of Health has always been one with WHO in its vision to provide quality health care to the Filipinos, with focus on the regulation of providers of health goods and services. This is in particular reference to the Universal Health Care policy of the department which aims to provide an accessible, efficient, equitably distributed, adequately funded, and fairly financed health care that is appropriately used by an informed and empowered public. These government agencies

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  • Community Health Assessment and Diagnosis

    Community Diagnosis A Community Health Epidemiology Study with Community Diagnosis HGT Community Health Practicum/HAT1 Erika J. Schnell, R.N. 11/05/2012 Western Governor’s University Community Diagnosis Abstract The following is an assessment of an Eastern Washington Community known as Chelan/Douglas Counties which will lead to a community diagnosis. This community diagnosis is based on publicly available statistical data gathered using the concepts of epidemiology of birth rates and leading

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  • Community Survey Essay

    can find the City Line Car service which provides taxi service to everyone in the neighborhood. 6. What are the religious institutions? Does this area have a historical significance? We heard the Azan coming out of a Mosque near by. We could also hear church bells. This community is definitely religiously active. Revival Time Assembly - Church 7. What are the civic, social service organizations? Where are they located? The couple of social service organizations in the area

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  • The Effectiveness of Community Policing

    The Effectiveness of Community Policing Introduction Throughout the years, community policing has been an effective tool to help and protect citizens in the United States . Community policing involves people within the community to help and support solutions to crime-related problems and assist people with special needs. Community policing also inlcudes the ongoing evaluation of police effectiveness. According to Lord, Kuhns, & Friday (2009), “Community-oriented policing is now considered

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  • Community Policing

    Community Policing What is community policing? According to The Committee on Law and Justice, Community policing (problem-oriented policing, neighborhood-oriented policing or community-oriented policing) is a policing strategy and philosophy based on the notion that community interaction and support can help control crime, with community members helping to identify suspects, detain vandals and bring problems to the attention of police. One of the most effective means of involving the community

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  • Community Health Essay

    Primary language spoken in this community is Spanish, while 30% of the population speaks English. The age at which a minor is considered an adult is 18. At this age, the individual is able to make medical decisions, vote, and buy cigarettes. Genetic risks in this community include obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, asthma, and cancer. Physical risks to health include substance abuse, STD, violence, infectious disease, births, and poor oral hygiene. Catholic religious practices and beliefs are incorporated

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  • Community Policing and Drugs Essay

    Justice, August 1996 on April 29, 2007.) The 'Lectric Law Library's Community Policing: Learning the Lessons of History, By Sgt. Jeffrey Patterson on April 26, 2007. Miller, Linda and Hess, Karen 2005, Community Policing Vol.4 Partnerships for Problem Solving, Page 11. Community Era The community era began in 1980, and continues on until present. During this era, agencies geared their focus towards fighting

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  • Gaming as a Community Essay

    on a Chinese news website, explains how the Chinese community is working together on creating a rating system for online games. This shows the encouragement that the community gives its future and the level of development as parents understand the use of games and so do not discourage it but control it. South Korea on the other hand is known for its gaming having the world’s fastest internet. The fact that they have a massive pro gaming community also adds up to the country supporting online gaming

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  • Community Survey Essay

    multiple families living together. As well as living in small places, they are exposed to chemicals that affect their and their children’s health. Their knowledge of access to health care and services are minimal to none. The community and the public health nurse collaborate to provide education and services to this population. Of the Healthy People 2020 leading health indicators, the one chosen for my participating family is “Nutrition, physical activity and obesity”. The father, V.M., has developed

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  • Community and Population Health Essay

    the EOC team. C. Discuss the resources available to the community health nurse when encountered with possible emergency situations during the door-to-door interviews. The first resident the nurse visited needed help to clean up household chemical waste. The community nurse was able to provide an Environmental Health Specialist to teach the resident how to clean up the chemical waste. For the second resident, the community nurse provided necessary supplies (simulation didn’t state what

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  • The Importance of Community

    Community is very important and has many factors like kinship, unity, and identity. Community helps society because it creates solutions, provides security and reveals dedication. It discovers truthfulness. Communities are part of everyday life and have positive affects on its members. Communities can be found everywhere and can be created anywhere. You may be unaware of it, but you are part of a community not only based on your location, but also based on your lifestyle,

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  • “from a Service Users Perspective Critically Evaluate an Aspect of Adult Community Care Services”

    Nowadays family sizes are smaller, averaging couples, having babies later on in life, as women are wanting careers, also having children later on in life, therefore limiting how long they have got to conceive. Attitudes have changed over the years also; it is the ‘norm’ to have fewer children than 100 years ago. According to statistics of the 1909 Royal Commissions of the Poor Laws report showed that 150, 000 older people were residing in workhouses due to extreme poverty and need for financial

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  • Community Health Essay

    of assistance (Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology, 2013). Because of this, health and nutrition are certainly comprised and diseases then contribute to the morbidity and mortality of the community. Being able to afford care that is needed as well as care that aids in diseases prevention, seems to be lacking in a general area. B2. Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide Wildland fires, storms and floods, and earthquakes are all potential

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  • Criminalization of the Homeless Community Essay

    their survival, the impact is felt far and wide. While people experiencing homelessness are affected most profoundly, these measures also impact service providers’ ability to do their work and tax the already overburdened criminal justice system. Ultimately, punishing homeless people for conducting life-sustaining activities takes a toll on the entire community (National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, 2011). The criminalization of homelessness takes many forms, including: Enactment and enforcement

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  • Community Development Essay

    ASSIGNMENT 1 UNIT 17: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WORK ASSIGNMENT TITLE: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – THEORY AND PRACTICE CATHERINE CARLIN Introduction: In this assignment I am going to explore the core theme of Community Development. In doing so, I will come to understand various theories and concepts, relevant legislation and policy, underpinning values, principles and ethics, and practice application with all regards to community development. In the first section of the assignment I will analyse

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  • Essay on Contemporary World of Community Organisations

    Rates of success in terms of service performance and effectiveness too may not be easily defined as the impact of organisational services may vary from case to case (Solidago Foundation, 2004). Accountability to Stakeholders Community organisations are consisted of a number of individuals and bodies, including members, service users, funding bodies, individual donors, staff and volunteers. All of whom play a significant role in defining what the community organisation is about, and the future

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  • Community Nursing 405 Windshield Survey

    you could count on watching many neighbors being in their yards spring cleaning and fixing up. There was a time when the community had tool borrowing, if you needed a tool to maintain something in your home, the resource was city hall. Just leave your driver’s license and you could borrow it for 24 hours. Apparently those days are gone. When I drive through my community I don’t notice many of the changes because I am focused on whatever mission Aim on, but when I am driving looking for things

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  • C229 Community Health

    Community Health Nursing C229 WGU Community Health C229 One of the more serious problems that the Southeast Queens Community is facing is obesity. Obesity has led to many other health concerns in this community such as Type 2 diabetes , heart disease, stroke, and even certain cancers. This presentation looks into who is at risk, and why? And what can be done to help this community. B1. Description of Community The Southeast section of Queens, NY is 1.802 square miles with a

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  • Indian Health Services Essay

    Source and Scope According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nd, “Congress passed the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (Public Law 93-638, as amended) to provide Tribes the option of assuming from the IHS the administration and operation of health services and programs in their communities, or to remain within the IHS administered direct health system. The scope of the Indian Health Service is to provide American Indians with the best health care possible while

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  • Provision of Public Services Essay

    then the constraints to the realization of citizen- centered public service delivery in most developing countries would be straight forward. Internet connectivity, bandwidth, networks, portals and other infrastructure for on-line communication are not as developed in African countries as they are in the developed world. The bottom line here is that most African Governments cannot afford highly developed systems of online public service delivery as is the Case in developed countries. But some are making

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  • Factors Affecting Community Policing Essay

    1.5 Significance of the Study Since introduction of community policing in Kenya, little has been done to see how the programmme is being implemented, its effectiveness and challenges its facing.. The study will act as a report card to provide reliable, quantitative information on community policing. This information can be used to generate recommendations on sector policies, program strategy and management of community policing. Furthermore, the information can be used as a basis for policy makers

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  • Community Policing and Problem-Oriented Policing

    Although many may find community policing and problem-oriented policing to fall in the same category, there is (surprisingly) a difference between the two. For one, community policing has many definitions. For some, it means instituting foot and bicycle patrols and doing acts pertaining to the ideal bond between police officers and their community. While for others it means maintaining order and cleaning up neighborhoods in desperate need of repair (Dunham & Alpert, 2005). However, an idyllic

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  • Selfless Service Essay

    human morals. All seven values are important to keep close to your heart; however the one that sticks out to me the most is Selfless Service. Field Manual 7-22.7 defines selfless service as; “Putting the welfare of the Nation, the Army and your soldiers before your own”. In my opinion there are three main focal points in living up to the Army Value of selfless service. The first is devoting your efforts toward the needs of the country. Second is always putting your Soldiers needs above your own

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  • Quality in Services

    What is Quality? "The totality of features and( characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs." -Kotler “Quality must provide goods and( services that completely satisfy the needs of both internal and external customers. Quality serves as the "bridge" between the producer of goods or services and its customer.” -Johnson & Weinstein “Quality is( consistent conformance to customer’s expectations.” –Stack et al ( “Quality is a predictable

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