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  • Stress

    The Causes and Effects of Stress The study of stress has gathered momentum with many different definitions with one describing the concept of stress as the emotional and physiological responses to circumstances that are too difficult to cope with or to some and which one has no choice but to endure them. Over the last few years, the term stress and it’s causes and effects have always had our attention. For some long period of time stress has always been around. Have you ever wondered what causes stress and what the long-term effects are or could be? Stress is regular or natural feeling to everyone, but the word stress means different things to different people. Stress can either be a good or bad thing, just depends on the situation. Stress…

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  • Stress In The Workplace

    In the today’s competitive world, the work-life balance and stress management for employees are becomes highly important. If there is no job satisfaction and regularity in life, it can create many problems to employees. The work stress has become a common problem which is faced by employees of every organization. Both work-life balance and stress go hand in hand. The employees should balance the personal and professional lives and the policies at work place should support to achieve this goal.…

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  • Stress And Stress Essay

    Job Stress has become a major concern of the modern times as it can cause harm to employee’s health and performance. Different psychologies and physiologists have defined stress differently. In simple words, stress is pressure or tensions people feel in life. As living human being makes demands, so it produces pressures, i.e., stress. Stress is, therefore, a natural and unavoidable feature of human life. Meaning of Stress Stress is a body reaction to demands or changes in internal and external…

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  • Stress As A Stimulus Or A Response, What Is Stress?

    Stress, what is stress? As defined in Chapter 2 (Psychological Disorders, Therapy, and Lifestyle Change/2.9 Stress and Health), stress is not just a stimulus or a response, stress is the process by which we appraise and cope with environmental threats and challenges. It is our decision on how much we allow stress to affect us. If a person’s car gets hit by a stray rock while driving, some would not encounter any stress and continue driving; others will worry about the incident and become…

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  • The Effects Of Stress

    the stress response. Therefore, a stressor is a stimulus and stress is a response. Stressor is the cause and stress is the effect. The effects of stress upon a person are cumulative and can cause serious harm if experienced over a long time. Dr. Selye Hans (1979b) was the first to study the effects of stress. He suggested that stress had four basic variations 1. Good Stress - Eustress 2. Bad Stress - Distress 3. Overstress - Hyperstress 4. Understress - Hypostress (1) Good Stress – Eustress:…

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  • Stress Definition

    Stress For the purpose of this essay I will define and explain what stress is, how it occurs, the signs and symptoms of stress, ways that it can be alleviated in the workplace and also how stress can influence your tolerance levels. Stress is an individual response to a perceived inability to cope. It is different for everyone. Some stress is good for you as it gets the adrenaline going and also helps to get people motivated. Stress is a physical response to events that might contradict our…

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  • Resilience On Stress

    Stress is prevalent and ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Sometimes, stress can be beneficial as it can provide the extra motivation needed to succeed in business, achieve an education or foster relationships, however, it can also have significant negative impact. Accumulative evidence show that stress have potent impact on the health and well-being on an individual. Furthermore, some studies have even found that stress can have a stronger impact on one’s health than major negative life events.…

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  • Measurements Of Stress

    Measurements of Stress in Life Science Stress can be defined as the physiological, psychological and behavioural responses towards change. It is a common problem of humans’ and it is increasing progressively. Conditions of stress are work load, work place, conflicts between co-workers, social life issues, environment and time pressure. It has two types: eustress or positive stress which means performance improvement and distress or negative stress which can lead to mental and physical…

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  • Leisure And Stress

    between performing leisure activities and the amount of perceived stress. Maintaining good physical and mental health through forms of self-care is important to managing stress effectively. The participants in this study were made up of 8 males and 21 females. The participants of this study were asked to fill out a survey asking about their stress levels and the frequency of listed activities they do leisurely per week. It was hypothesized that students who actively participate in leisure…

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  • Cold Stress

    Heat and cold stress are very serious matters in the workplace. Both can be very dangerous and life threatening. There is potential for short term and long-term damage to your body involving both conditions. There are many warning signs your body can give you to notice whether you are being affected by heat or cold stress. Many workers suffer from heat and cold stress when most of the problems could be prevented. Cold stress can occur with many outdoor jobs. Some jobs could include snow…

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