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  • Personal Experience: Pursuing A Career In Medicine

    EMPLOYMENT, RESEARCH, VOLUNTEER, & EXTRACURRICULAR EXPERIENCES Paid Employment #1 Supervisor, pharmaceutical recruiter As a team leader of scientific recruiters, I was able to utilize my leadership skills and recieved exposure to the job requirements of various clinical professionals. I led a team of recruiters and offered conceptual knowledge of the terminology used in clinical environments. The companies which I staffed for included: Novartis, Biogen, Bayer, Abbott, and Exedra. I learned a great deal about the job requirements of many types of professionals, as well as, what it takes to bring a specific drug to market. This experience utilized my leadership skills, broadened my knowledge of drug development, clinical duties, and medications…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As An Adult

    Throughout my life I have experienced many traumatic events that have shaped me as an adult. Many of my experiences as a child have influenced my career choice as well. I want to become a nurse and continue helping people through many different life problems. I feel I have become more conscientious to responding to people in pain because of my various traumatic childhood experiences. When people are in need I find myself coming to their side to help and assist them with whatever is affecting…

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  • Diagnosis Reflection: How My Personal Experience Of Mental Illness

    Running Head: DIAGNOSIS REFLECTION PAPER 1 Diagnosis Reflection Paper Amy Gugig Advanced Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis I SWGS 6430 Christine Toner Fordham University October 20, 2012 DIAGNOSIS REFLECTION PAPER 2Diagnosis Reflection paper Throughout my time in graduate school, I have been asked to spend a fair amount of time in self-reflection, exploring how my experiences, socio-economic status, race, gender, and sexual orientation all influence my work…

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  • Personal Experience: Personal Narrative Of My Life

    I find myself becoming increasingly unsure about my life every day I go to work. I feel myself stagnating. I no longer enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. School is one of the only ways to better myself and I am finding that taking classes while working full-time may have been more than I bargained for. I am made abundantly aware of my lack of significance in this world with every passing moment. I try to find some sort of greater meaning in my actions every day, while working,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Trauma

    I think that everyone will experience a traumatic event in their life which will cause a division of their life into a before and after. However, I do believe that everyone that experiences a trauma will be scared. I have experienced many hurdles and have had my share of trauma however when I began to open up and recognize that these are not setbacks but rather the chance to accept and learn from these experiences I saw growth within myself. Through counseling as a young woman, I realized that…

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  • My Experience At The Trail-Personal Narrative

    It was a dark and stormy night and I went to get some water from the pond. There was no water there anymore which I thought was unusual so I went to go through the forest and followed the trail to look for some water when I suddenly heard something. So I stopped and went off the trail to go see what it is. I heard things behind me and things in front, and on the sides of me. I ran back to the trail but I have walked so far I couldn’t find it. I kept running and running and by the time I stopped…

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  • Personal Reflection On My Experience In My Life

    Janae KopetJanuary 17, 2016Adult Studies Seminar Block1 Kopet.Session1.Journal As far back as I can remember, I have always had a desire to understand people and why we do the things we do, to understand and evaluate the human condition. If I were to reflect on an experience in my life that influenced me in this direction, I could go back to growing up without a father and always having an awareness of how this affected my life, and the life of my brother. I could go back to the years of…

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  • Hunting: A Personal Narrative Experience Throughout My Life

    Throughout my life, I have had many formative experiences, some good and some bad. However there are few that stick with me today, dictating nearly everything I do. I am an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and conservationist, consequently one event that I can point to and say “That has had a profound impact on my life!” is the first time I went hunting. Hunting changed nearly my entire outlook on life; I feel more connected to my family, friends, nature, and most especially God. I have had many…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience Of Summer School

    there. I also went to McDonalds, because they have different drinks and food over there. I got a honeycomb crisp frappe. Something else that was super cool was that I got to stand where Ed Sheeran stood while filming his music video to the song,”Galway Girl”. It was super cool and I would have been stupid to not get a picture of that. The long day in Galway was definitely well spent. On Friday evening, after the long day in Galway, we went over to my uncles nieces house and went horseback…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life-Changing Experience In High School

    These blubbering quotes come to birth when it snaps our life within seconds by a ridiculous way to hang us upside down. Otherwise, brings tonnes of joy in which does not last sufficiently long. Imagine expectations can drive us nuts, instead of mentally putting us into the realms of reality. It’s a whole different galaxy, like between that of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy which is billion light years apart. How do people react? In this wise Earth, people whose going through life’s up and…

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