Essay on Heat Stroke

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  • Heat Stroke Preventions

    Heat exhaustion and heatstroke As days slowly begin to heat up it is important to stay cool and keep hydrated across the screaming scorching sun. Summer time usually means longer days and if you live close to the equator you know about the 100+ degree weather that comes with it. Without the proper precautions you could easily fall to heat exhaustion or far worse a heat stroke. Athletes are more prone to this type of sudden illnesses because of the constant running and exercise they do on a daily basis, but people that work in construction, delivery drivers, landscaping, farmers and other occupations that are required to be outside for long periods of time are also prone to heat exhaustion and heatstroke. So what are the causes of heat exhaustion and heatstroke’s? Well I am going to talk about the causes and effects of heat exhaustion and a heat stroke as well as the preventions and treatments one can take in case of this sudden illness. Heat exhaustion also called heat prostration is a condition characterized by faintness, rapid pulse, nausea, profuse sweating, cool skin, and collapse, caused by prolonged exposure to heat accompanied by loss of adequate fluid and salt from the body. Heat exhaustion happens when the body's cooling mechanisms are overloaded, either by poor acclimatization or overexertion. Athletes that practice in heats of over 100 degrees are more prone to heat exhaustion because of the rapid loss of liquids while they train. The normal resting body…

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  • Mohave Desert Research Paper

    narrowed, my skin color changed, I feel and looks like I’m worn-out, The damage I have gotten from those times still have shown on my skin, still I can’t see the light with an open eye in the summer . The horrific heat waves and violent winds cause more damage to my inner organ than the outside. Sun stroke is the household name in Mohave Desert especially at the summer time. Sun stroke is caused by one of these three reasons, such as: prolonged exposure to hot temperature, not enough fluid…

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  • Six Stroke Engine Essay

    SIX-STROKE ENGINE Introduction The six-stroke engine is an ingenious invention that has the potential to increase engine efficiency by around 30 percent. As fossil fuels are increasingly more expensive to produce and utilize, many have been seeking for answers to these problems. The six-stroke engine seeks to solve some of these problems by exploiting heat that would normally be lost in the four-stroke engine. It does this by utilizing an extra pump to produce more torque and power. In the…

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  • Hot And Cold Weather Compare And Contrast

    Weather Comparisons Albert Weyant COMM/215 - Essentials of College Writing September 15, 2012 Dr. Nancy Reynolds Hot and Cold Weather Hot and cold climates will be discussed and the different comparisons between them. I will state my opinions and objectives pertaining to the two climates. The differences I will discuss are the climates, activities, and…

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  • Differences And Compatibility In Swedish Massage And Deep Tissue Massage?

    muscles are stroked and kneaded with long strokes. The massage technician uses oils to facilitate the smooth movements by removing the friction between the therapist's hands and their client's skin. Essential oils are often used for their benefits to the skin as well as an aromatherapy tool. The application of pressure and essential oils on the skin and muscles underneath provide the person with increased blood…

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  • Comparing Diesel Engine Vs. Gasoline Engines

    sparks from spark plugs. Diesel engines are slightly different, the air is compressed before the fuel is injected. The fuel then ignites because air heats up when it is compressed(“How Stuff Works”). Just as a gasoline engine, a diesel engine uses a four-stroke combustion cycle. The four-stroke cycle is made up of the intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion stroke, and exhaust stroke. During the intake stroke, air enters when the intake valve opens up and causes the piston to move…

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  • Essay On Diesel Engine

    the cylinder of an internal combustion engine. The compression ratio for a diesel engine usually ranges between 15:1 and 23:1. The reason being for this high compression ratio is purposely higher causing the temperature of the air to rise. A four-stroke engine has a camshaft which is used to rotate at half the speed of the crankshaft. (1:2 Ratio) Therefore the crankshaft will need to rotate twice for the camshaft to make one rotation. The four-stroke cycle, is a cycle that uses intake, exhaust,…

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  • Ci Engine Essay

    the fuel is ignited by a spark; and CI engines, where the rise in the temperature and pressure during compression is sufficient to cause spontaneous ignition of the fuel. The compression ignition engine is also termed as the Diesel or oil engine. [1] Dr. Rudolf, a German inventor, patented the principle of the diesel engine in 1893. Since 1900, the diesel engine has been used in practically all the heavy industry and in any place that needs tremendous power. In the diesel engine, air alone is…

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  • Temperature And Body Temperature

    Therefore, if these responses and behavioral mechanisms such as seeking shade in the heat, are able to restore the balance in the body temperature, it is detected by the thermoreceptors and relayed back to the thermoregulatory centre. But in a prolonged exposure to high environmental temperature, body temperature cannot be restored by negative feedback control because the mechanisms of homeostasis become over-whelmed, then the normal biochemical and physiological balance in the body is lost.…

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  • Speech-Language Pathology Case Study

    neurological issues, a variety of orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke or other traumatic brain injuries. Patients can be treated in either an inpatient or outpatient setting. This normally depends on the severity of their injury or illness. A patient who has suffered a stroke, for example will be treated within the hospital by therapists before being discharged and prescribed outpatient therapy. Stroke patients are also treated under more than one rehabilitation discipline. This…

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