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  • Heat Stroke Research Paper

    about doing all the things that could not be done during the dreary months of winter. Although summer is filled with activities, the heat of the day could put you at risk. Overheating can lead to heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke. Knowing the signs could save your life or others. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke may be caused by a number of reasons, while the repercussions can be detrimental to health, and these conditions affect both humans and animals. During the heat of summer, outdoor activities can cause the body's temperature to rise, which can result in heat exhaustion or a heatstroke. Both heat exhaustion and heat stroke are heat related illnesses, however, heat strokes are significantly more dangerous. (Glazer) Regardless, if you are spending a day at the beach, training for an athletic event, or working, heat can become deadly if the warning signs are ignored. Once the body's temperature begins to rise it will attempt to cool itself by producing sweat. (UMMC) As perspiration increases, dehydration can…

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  • Heat Stroke

    Beat the Heat With the temperature starting to rise it is important to consider how the heat will impact our bodies. In order to protect ourselves from heat stress we first need to understand what heat stress is, what are the symptoms and how can we protect ourselves. There are several factors such as age, weight, and health conditions that will make you more susceptible to heat stress. Living in Alabama during the hot humid summer, heat stress is not only a concern at work but at home as…

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  • Extreme Heat Stroke

    Extreme cold and heat temperatures can have severe consequences on the body as well as hinder the physiological processes of the human body in innumerable ways. When the human body is experiencing extreme levels of Heat; such as a heat wave, damage can occur to the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. In cold weather, the body can lose heat faster than it is produced, which uses up stored energy and can lead to hypothermia. Hypothermia happens at extremely low temperatures while not wearing…

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  • Heat Stroke Case Study

    It is a criminal offensive in 14 states to leave your pet unattended in a extremely hot or extremely cold vehicle. The reason for this is that thousands of dogs die every year from heat stroke, which is an excruciating and painful punishment for an innocent animal. (15LA) Arizona Cardinals player Tyran Matheiu with the help of PETA tested out how long it takes for the inside of the car to reach an unbearable temperature. On a 90 degree day with the window cracked Tyran Matheiu sat in the car…

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  • Pneumonia Creative Writing

    The tree lays dulled by the gloomy greyish- brown shades. Shrouded in solitude and misery, I stand staring with my brush sheathed subtly between my index finger and thumb. The oak stretches towards the heavens with its branches, like the arms of an angel, veiled in luscious green. The angel however, lays bare on the canvas, deprived of her divine glow. No matter how elegant I try to be, my leaves do not resemble those that Ma paints. She would simply swipe the brush out of my hands and cloak the…

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  • Antidepressant Drug Research Paper

    hypnotics or as part of anaesthesia. Some barbiturates are used to relieve tension or anxiety prior to surgery. Anti-Inflammatory: Anti-Inflammatory drugs are used to reduce inflammation and irritation. For example: Ibuprofen Antibiotic: Antibiotic is used to treatbacterial diseases. They work by killing bacterial cells for example chest infections. Some Antibiotics include Erythromycin. Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding the methods of developing new drugs 1. Accidental Discovery:…

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  • Being A Sauna Research Paper

    A sauna is a small room which is used to either get dry or wet heat sessions. These heat sessions can have great benefits on different aspects of your health. We will discuss here about some of the advantages gained from spending time in the heat. There are multiple benefits such as increasing endurance and improving muscles. First of all, it is important to understand that it is not easy to enjoy the benefits of a sauna. It produces serious heat and most people are not able to withstand it…

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  • The Harmful Effects Of Stress And Its Causes

    discomfort and troubles they feel are due to their stressful lifestyle. Anyone can experience stress symptoms on a daily basis without truly knowing that it is being produced by stress. Americans are working long unstable hours in critically demanding jobs this causes more people to suffer from stress. Stress can contribute to several of today’s most common illnesses. It is important for the people suffering from stress and its effects to acknowledge those symptoms and act into managing them.…

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  • Glucose Case Study

    of both TIA and stroke. The study conducted by Sun 2009, showed the overall incidence of DM was as high as 38.5% in patients with ischemic stroke. Stroke patients with DM had considerably higher incidence of dyslipidemia and HTN compared with non-DM patients. In addition, it has been suggested that stroke patients with DM have higher death rates, poorer neurologic outcome and more disability than individuals without DM (Sun, 2009). This reveals that DM patients are more probable to be…

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  • Ischaemic Stroke Case Study

    ANAT1012- Stroke assignment Katie Hsiao 43565560 Ischaemic stroke Definition: The most common subtype of stroke; Ischaemic stroke is triggered by a sudden blood circulation loss to areas of the brain, which corresponds to a loss of neurologic function. This occurs when an artery to the brain is blocked. The two main causes of Ischaemic stroke are thrombosis – when the blood clot is formed within the brain, and embolism – when the clot is formed elsewhere. (The internet stroke center)…

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