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  • The Development Of The Nursing Profession

    and increasing an accuracy of patient care. The transformation in the nursing profession having today we haven’t seen this before. However, this transformation will open many doors of opportunity and growth that influence the nursing profession. These changes will create a unique challenge in practice, education, and skills. The decision we make today will define what role of nursing will be in future. Nursing profession is becoming more complex than before. Now, healthcare is demanding who can think

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  • Understanding Of The Social Work Profession

    of the social work profession To many, the primary mission of the profession of social work is enhancing the needs of those that are considered vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. However, my understanding of the social work profession is helping someone to make positive changes in his or her life that result in a better quality of life. This is also true when promoting the wellbeing of the community in a social context. Understanding of the social work profession, to me, means having

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  • Teaching Philosophy : Teaching Learning Philosophy

    Teaching-Learning Philosophy Paper Establishing a teaching-learning philosophy is important to all nurse educators, as it allows the educator to clearly and concisely establish who they are, their teaching and learning style, and much more. Just as a curriculum philosophy is critical for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum, shaping student ideas, discussions around curriculum practice and preference, professional development, and decision making; so too is the construction

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  • Florence Nightingale As An Unsanitary Profession

    sixteen she decided she wanted to become a Nurse, however she met resistance from her mother who wanted her to follow the traditional route and get married. In those days, respectable women did not become nurses because it was considered an unsanitary profession. At seventeen, ignoring social norms, Florence refused a marriage proposal and went to The Institution for Protestant Deaconess at Kaiserworth instead so she could pursue a career in nursing. After graduating from nursing school Florence worked

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  • Teaching Is A Valued Profession

    In today’s society, I like to believe that teaching is a valued profession, but you could say that my opinion is biased. There are people who have the same opinion as me, but there are some who disagree with it. I feel like in the early years of society, they didn’t really care for this profession, let alone education. When it all started till now, the opinions are teaching has changed, but you don’t always feel like people value it as much as us teachers or future teachers. In the world today,

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  • Social Work As A Profession

    March was Social Work month and Professor Pellicio discussed that our next paper is on the social work profession, and the due date is March 28th. He also explained that our mid-term grades are basically a snapshot of where we currently are in the class. The class did a group exercise were we all got into a circle to introduce ourselves and state what we were going to do our paper on. It seemed (to me anyway) that most of the class was as confused, as I was, in regards to the exact topic of our

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  • Reflection On Teaching As A Profession

    Challenges faced in today 's classroom come in a wide variety. Teaching can be stressful while simultaneously rewarding. Taking the leap and beginning my Master 's Degree offers some of the same challenges and rewards as found in the classroom. Taking classes has affected my thinking in reference to myself, my students and beyond. Looking at things from a bird 's eye view; seeing the whole picture; is necessary when choosing teaching as a profession. Taking this course has offered me the opportunity to to

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  • Early Childhood Professions Essay

    Professions in early childhood development are unique in such a way because not many other career paths involve the direct care of an individual. Law enforcement personal, doctors, nurses, EMT’s all help people in extraordinary ways but the early childhood field often involves the direct care and supervision of a young child for many months on end and very intimate and caring relationship often develop over the course of the care takers term of service (C, 2011) . It is because of this very intimate

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  • The Medical Profession

    But only a few months later the medici, as already noted, successfully prevailed upon the king to abrogate his own previously granted licenses." Members of the medical profession thus varied Widely in training, type of formal qualification (if any), occupation, and sodal and economic status. Yet, despite this diversity, they shared a common medical culture in which they partidpated with differing degrees of intellectualization and sophistication. Hence, delineation of the general contours of medical

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  • Becoming A Teacher : The Essential And Noble Profession

    essential and noble profession. Next to parents, teachers are the most important foundational element in our society. Being a teacher would show me the value, knowledge, and character to be a figure for children to look up to. The important thing is the proper preparation and the fundamental to living a full and rewarding life. A teacher is defined as someone who gives instruction and communicates skills. Teachers enhance the lives of our young children by using their teaching methods to deliver

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  • The Future Directions of the Auditing Profession

    BFA303 AUDITING THE FUTURE DIRECTIONS OF THE AUDIT PROFESSION Word Count: 1995 Executive Summary This report discusses the historical and current practices required by audit professionals. This is broken down into three main subject areas, being:- 1 The Monitoring of the Profession’s Quality Issue; 2 The Skills and Auditor Needs To Posses; and, 3 The Structure of an Audit and Non Audit Service Engagement. It is found from a comprehensive review of various literature available

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  • The Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession

    The Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession ACC/340 The Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession Advancements in technology have allowed companies, small and large, to keep accurate financial records and eliminate paper entries. Technology has also allowed individuals in the accounting field the ability to interpret the financial information efficiently and effectively. With the introduction of the internet, a company now has the option to expand their business beyond a

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  • Personal Statement On The Teaching Profession

    The teaching profession, just like any other profession, has many disadvantages and fears that comes with the job. Parents are people who will do anything for their child even if it means yelling at the teacher to give the student the full extra credit points. Some students are physically much larger than me, which can be very intimidating. I do have a concern as to whether I will be able to control my class due to my physical appearance. I have a fear of disappointing people, which means I’m not

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  • The Hippocratic Oath Of The Medical Profession

    The Hippocratic oath of the medical profession is although 2,000 years old, and has been modified and adopted by numerous medical schools, such as John Hopkins Medical School. Of the revision there is an excerpt that states, “I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take

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  • The Teaching Profession Essay

    The Teaching Profession Introduction: There is no doubt that the teaching profession is very important in molding the young minds to become the responsible citizens of the future. Many young people look forward to becoming successful teachers to educate the young generation. Pros of teaching: Teaching is a special calling. It is not a job well-suited to everyone. In fact, many new teachers leave within the first 3-5 years of teaching. However, there are many rewards that come with this often

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  • The Concept Of Teaching And Teaching

    The concept of teaching It is Chinese custom and tradition to respect teaching and teacher. Teachers are confirmed high status in China, where there is a strong cultural emphasis on the importance of education. There are three inseparable steps in seeking of knowledge, learning, work processing (research) and discovery. Teaching plays an important role in the first step, that’s means, teaching is a crucial part in the knowledge development. It’s an opportunity to get feedback from the different ages

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  • Teaching Is A Popular Profession

    Teaching is a popular profession, but an underappreciated one. Teachers are the people who shape and inspire the next generation of scientists, inventors, writers, and artists. Without teachers, progress with knowledge and, technology would come to a standstill. Everything would come to a halt intellectually and technologically if there were no longer any teachers. Teachers are under payed and often blamed for events that they have no control over inside and outside of the classroom. In other countries

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  • Hr Profession Map

    Developing Yourself As An Effective Human Resources Practitioner I confirm that the work I provided for unit 4DEP (HR) is my own. Signed: Date: Print Name: ACTIVITY 1 THE CIPD HR PROFESSION MAP The CIPD HR Profession Map sets out what HR Profession need to know, do and deliver at all stages in their careers. The Map covers 10 professional areas, 8 behaviours and 4 Bands of competencies and transitions, from Band 1 for the start of HR career through to band for the most senior

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  • The Army Is Considered A Profession

    professional simply by association or being a service member. “Undoubtedly, the Army is considered a profession today. But, we must remember that the Army is not a profession just because we say so.”. Being considered a professional means that an individual has had both time and experience to be developed into a professional. Entry level Soldiers do not possess all of the key attributes of the Profession of Arms, therefore they cannot be considered professionals. In order for someone to become a professional

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  • Essay on Business as a Profession

    practice should be treated as a profession or not. The essay aims to discover as to which argument is more compelling and the reasons for it. The essay will conclude with supporting reasons favouring one of the two points of view. Business as a Profession This section will provide arguments that support the idea of business and management as a profession. Khurana, Nohria and Penrice (2005) strongly argue that business management should be a profession in order to prepare managers on

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  • The Law Enforcement Profession

    The Law Enforcement Profession Abstract In order to understand comptemporary law enforcemment, we should recognize the conditions that impact our profession. It is agreed upon by many scholars that major changes in law enforcement occur every five years. Policing is sometimes characterize"... like a sandbar in a river, subject to being changed continuously by the currents in which it is immersed..." (Swanson, Territo and Taylor, p. 2). However, in recent years some major changes have occurred

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  • Social Work : An Evolving Profession

    paper will provide an overview of social work as a profession, including its history, values, practices, methods and settings. A knowledge of the structure and organization of public, private and voluntary social services, welfare programs and their interconnection in the human service delivery system. It will also show an understanding of the code of ethics, skills and competencies that guide effective practitioners in the social work profession.   Module one was on social work history and included

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  • An Article On The Profession Of Arms

    Dempsey, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff, published an article that stated, “ The Profession of Arms has been an important subject to me since I led the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command a few years ago. As Chairman, it remains one of my focus areas. Understanding who we are and what we do as volunteers and experts who defend our nation is something we must do as a joint force.” (Dempsey, 2012) The Army profession of arms is broke down into five unique characteristics that should be maintained

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  • The Legal Profession And Law School

    The legal profession, including law schools, not only leaves an impression of prestige and justice on the general public, it also carries a very different cognation. Hierarchy and social order contracts lay embedded in the legal system, much as the underlying of societal structure today. With the impact of television crime shows and movies based on criminal events, the general public gains a fictional awareness of the ways in which the justice system works. In actuality the discourse of law not

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  • Key Challenges Of Hr Professions

    Introduction: There are so many key challenges that HR professions face today. Among those key challenges are creating a benefits package that will attract and retain talent employees. With the rise of benefits cost, HR professions are left to find the best solutions to recruiting and retaining talent employees without hurting the company’s bottom-line. This paper focuses on the rising cost of benefits and what HR is doing to gain control of over the expenses. By understanding what employees value

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  • The Profession Of Nursing : Florence Nightingale

    The profession of nursing has been around since Florence Nightingale laid the foundation during the Crimean War. The war generated a demand for nurses and triggered advancements in medicine and technology. Florence was responsible for inspiring the prominence of nursing to a reputable and professional occupation and established modern nursing education (Taylor, Lillis, Lemone and, Lynn, 2011, p. 7). From the middle of the 18th century to the 19th century, social reforms transformed the roles of

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  • Nursing Profession : Florence Nightingale

    dedication and devotion, the nurse is given the task to provide care for the sick and needy. However, in order to be a successful nurses, the use of critical thinking skills have to be established. This is evident as with the introduction of the nursing profession by Florence Nightingale. This pioneer for nurses thought that if the ill soldiers from the Crimean War didn’t have fresh air and water, healthy food and clean linen, their health status would not be improved. Now that is critical thinking (Biography

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  • Teaching Styles : Teaching Style

    Teaching Style Teaching Style had been passed down centuries ago, the teaching styles evolves tremendously. Teacher centered learning is the old way of teaching where teachers are more in control and students’ ideas are denied. With this teaching style student cannot learn about himself, student will have low esteem and they do not have an effort to do things by their own. This style of teaching is the way Sister Aloysius teach. There is another teaching style which is effective, it is the student

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  • Nursing Is A Profession For Female

    understanding of nursing have changed. I cleared remember when I came to school, I chose nursing as my major without a hesitation. Many of my friends didn’t understand why I made such a choice because the county I came from, china, nursing is a profession for female. At that time, my answers to them was nursing was challenging and nursing made a lot of money. Perhaps, I was too young to understand what nursing is at that time. My understand of nursing has gradually changed since my experience gained

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  • The School Of Education And Allied Professions

    In 2011 the College of Education and Allied Professions welcomed the first fifteen member cohort of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows (WWTF) to the University of Dayton. In collaboration with the Department of Teacher Education, Dr. Tom Lasley offered these remarks, “Dayton Public Schools are in crisis and the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows will learn the skills necessary to facilitate a change in direction.” Superintendent of Dayton Public Schools (DPS), Lori Ward, endorsed the WWTF program and provided

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  • Nursing-a a Noble Profession Essay

    10/23/12 Nursing care comes in many forms. Sometimes it is the ability to make someone feel physically comfortable by various means. It is a great profession, very much in demand today. My desire to become a nurse was not simply a response, but a passion built up through my experience of caring for my father whose illness was quite sudden as he got up one morning unable to speak. Not only did my father encouraged charity, but he practiced what he advocated. This experience

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  • Teaching Methods For Teaching The Future

    methods for teaching the future. Teachers use different strategies such as Common Core and Critical Thinking; both have different values that are very useful to teaching young learners. Common Core outlines a student’s abilities in both math and English determine to what needs to be taught and what the student should be able to accomplish by the end of the year. Critical Thinking is an analysis or rational thinking to form a type of judgment. Both are very useful tools in present teaching methods in

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  • Pursuing A Career For Teaching

    Without teachers, in this world, where would we be? Teachers are one of the most under paid professions in this world. Pursuing a career in teaching, you are often warned about the unbalanced compensation. If you would want to make more money you have to take up a career in the medical field, engineering, computers and etc. People tend to forget that, without teachers, those particular careers would not be around. Teachers, not only, have to take criticism from society, but, have many other obstacles

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  • Nursing Profession : Florence Nightingale

    In the late 1800s the nursing profession began with a legacy known as Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale started the basic fundamentals of patient care which is still taught in nursing schools around the world. Her greatest legacy to the nursing profession is the fact that she elevated nursing to a higher degree of professionalism and respectability than ever before.” Nurses have come a long way since then, and have to go by the standards of practice. Nursing Councils Code of Conduct, Scopes

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  • Pharmacy as a profession Essay

    other hand, pharmacists also take part in research and clinical studies. Recently, pharmacists are recruited to conduct pharmacy-based research in pharmacies. (Swanson, 2005) Nowadays, there is increasing number of people take pharmacy as their profession. As everyone knows, there is many practice area for pharmacists like community pharmacist, hospital pharmacist, industrial pharmacist and academic pharmacist. Other than that, there are few specialties in pharmacy which include oncology pharmacy

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  • Different Philosophies, Opinions, And Views Of The Teaching Profession

    There are many different philosophies, opinions, and views of the teaching profession. Many people argue with each other which idea is better in the teaching world. With so many different types of views on this topic, combining all sorts of clever ideas helps many teachers all around the world brainstorm on how to help their students grow intellectually throughout their adolescent years and develop into the bright people who form the future world. One purpose of education is to help students learn

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  • Teaching Profession At The Primary Age Level

    Every profession entails particular roles within its boundaries; set in place to expedite a sense of order allowing the accomplishment of the professional objectives, of the organisation in question, by the proficient. Even through the ever-fluctuating period of the 21st century, which holds a change for the educational system, there will always be particular goals within teaching that will generate the desired learning outcomes from pupils across a wide spectrum. This assignment examines the particular

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  • Teaching Mandarin And Teaching Language

    same time they are emphasizing that it is normal for this kind of learning to not take place at home. The school starts by making it seem like language is a natural thing that kids learn just by being exposed to it. The teach herself says they are teaching mandarin only using it as a tool making it seem as though kids will just pick up the mandarin as they learn other things. The school believes in acquiring not learning of language. There is also a belief that once a language is learned it is permanent

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  • The Profession Of Teaching Education

    The Profession of Teaching Education is important. There are many “issues” in education but none would exist if there weren’t any teachers. Throughout this semester we have discussed many different topics and problems. During the final weeks of this class (along with the completion of my ethics exam) I have come to realize that none of those problems should be what is talked about when Education is brought up. Teachers are the ones who should be talked about. The commitment, time, hard work and

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  • Nursing Is A Profession That Ensures Excellence

    Nursing is a profession that ensures excellence through the incorporation of both the creative art, and the science of nursing. Nursing as a community has a commitment to deliver compassionate, holistic care to all patients in a competent, ethical, and caring manner. Caring and empathy are fundamental qualities of the nursing profession, that characterize concern and consideration for the whole person, the commitment to the common good, and the outreach to those who are vulnerable. The nursing metaparadigm

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  • Education Is A Profession That Incorporates Many Other Professions

    Education is a profession that incorporates many other professions because teachers take on roles other than just educators. Teachers take on the following roles in the classroom: an advocate, a cheerleader, a bailiff, a counselor, a coach, a parent, a detective, an emergency specialist, nurse, and the list goes on. (Jones 2010). Education does not only serve to teach, it serves to develop, create, and inspire students to reach their greatest potential. As a future educator, my primary objectives

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  • The Social Work Profession

    I believe the social work profession consist of a coalition of individuals who are dedicated to a particular cause. The social work profession is implemented solely through the core values. Social workers join the profession with aspirations to create positive changes in conglomeration with core values to uphold the highest standards. Generally, the social work profession appeals to the interests of persons, who are subjected to life experiences or witness negative environmental factors in

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  • Essay about Is Journalism a Profession?

    appropriately, "a recurrent journalistic controversy has involved the question whether journalism is a true profession or merely a craft." Sparked primarily by Lippmann and Dewey, extending into the age of the penny press (mid 1980s) and later, the attempt to commercialise the news (late 1980s) to our present era, there has existed a contentious debate on journalism being distinguished as a profession (Wilson, 1995). Encapsulated in a democratic homeland since the advent of time, media systems are habitually

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  • Professional Development of Nursing Professions Essay

    Hathcock May 03, 2014 The transformation of nursing The institute of medicine has major impact on nursing profession today, because the world is changing the characteristic of everything for modern technology to healthcare system. In 2011, the United States has reformed the health system to improve the health outcome of all individuals. This reformation may affect especially nursing profession, the biggest portion of the health care workforce ( ̎ IOM REPORT, ̎ 2011). As a result of the healthcare

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  • Nursing Profession Essay

    GCU Accountability of Nursing Professional NRS-430 Marina Reade April 07, 2011 Accountability of Nursing Professional Every health care member is accountable to their Profession ,Public ,Self,Clients,and health care agency.Accountability means they are able to explain the reasons behind their actions. Accountability facilitates self assessment and assume ownership of job role. Porter-O’Grady & Malloch(2007) replaced respnsibility with accountability. The word ‘ Responsible ‘

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  • Technology on the Accounting Profession Essay

    Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession ACC/210 August 15, 2011 Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession Technology, information, software, and even the machines used to input, translate, and interpret the data we enter are ever evolving at shocking rates. We must constantly stay on top of our skills in order to be able to navigate through the vast screens, shortcuts, functions, and utilities stored in these small computers that have the capacity to do what would take

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  • The Evolutionary Role Of The Legal Profession

    line implies that lawyers stand in the way of tyranny. It underscores the significance of legal professionals in societies. While the legal profession in the modern sense was nonexistent in ancient times, practicing law is one of the oldest learned professions across the world. The purpose of this paper is to examine the evolutionary role of the legal profession in strengthening the rule of law in the Arab world, a region that has long suffered from the absence of adequate rule of law. In this paper

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  • Analysis of the Counseling Profession Essay

    Abstract This paper will discuss three facets of the counseling profession: the current state of the profession, potential threats to the profession and the future of the profession. Analysis of the Counseling Profession Current State of the Counseling Profession While the profession of counseling is a little over 100 years old it is only recently that it has come into its own in terms of parity and respect among other professionals, legislators and the public. Licensure is now available

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  • A Research On The Nursing Profession

    Introduction: The nursing profession aims to produce well educated workforce to care for people and communities. Also, advancing education level to higher education is highly encouraged as research has shown that lower mortality rate, positive outcomes and fewer medication errors are linked to nurses prepared at the baccalaureate, and graduate degree levels. Nonetheless, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has vowed commitment to produce highly educated nursing workforce as without

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  • The Feminization Of Teaching And Class Discussion

    Today, many Americans believe that teaching is a feminized profession—but they don’t understand what thus means or how this happened. Drawing on the assigned readings and class discussion, write an essay that explains the historical development of the feminization of teaching to a general audience. Your essay should do three things: 1. Explain how, when, and why teaching became feminized in America. 2. Describe some of the key changes in the feminization of teaching over time, including all changes

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