Benefits of Exercise Essay

  • Benefits Of Exercise

    twenty percent of all Americans continually exercise. This is one of the reasons why many Americans are obese. However, if a majority of these people knew what benefits come from exercise, there would be a significant increase in the amount of people who exercise regularly. There are many benefits that come to exercising such as physiological benefits, the reduced risk of diseases, and also the positive affect it has on the elderly. Even though regular exercise has an effect on the body, it also has a tremendous effect on mental health. This is also known as Cardiorespiratory fitness. Cardiorespiratory fitness is what get the heart pumping faster which results in more oxygen going to the brain. The more oxygenated blood that is going to the brain the easier it is for the body to regenerate itself. “investigators who used a one-repetition maximum test protocol for assessing strength in CWT programs have reported improvements in leg press and bench press strength ranging from 7% to 27% and 8% to 32% respectively” (Gettman & Pollock, p.53). In simpler terms, the Cardiorespiratory fitness increased strength in muscles. Exercising, helps change body composition in a positive way. Body composition is the amount of muscle and fat on an individual’s body. “Total body weight and percent body fat are generally reduced with endurance training programs, and LBW remains constant or increases slightly” (Gettman & Pollock, p.49). In other words, exercise is what helps change body weight…

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  • Physical Benefits Of Regular Exercise

    they just have no time to exercise. Trying to manage time in college or even high school can be difficult for students, especially when they are under so much pressure to make good grades and still maintain a social life. However, regular exercise can be beneficial to a student’s mental and physical health. …

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Exercise Essay

    We all know it 's important to exercise, yet since most of us are full-time college students and some of us even work on top of it, we rarely get enough sleep and finding the time or energy to work out seems impossible. I agree, the demands of being a college student are high. We lead stressful lives but exercising is one of the best ways to deal with it. I get it, at times I even feel like good grades outweigh the motivation to go to the gym. What if I told you getting good grades and working…

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  • The Advantages Of The Benefits Of Exercise

    Benefits of Exercise: Physical Activity “As many as 250, 000 deaths per year in the United States are attributable to a lack of regular physical activity,” explains Ph.D Jonathan Myers, in a journal article about exercise and heart disease. The entire world needs to be aware of the risk for death due the lack of exercise. By participating in sports, or doing any other physical activity like cardio, weights, or resistance, strength, or velocity trainings, health will improve. It has been…

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  • Argumentative Essays: The Benefits Of Exercise

    16. The Benefits of Exercise I recently met a woman who claimed that she didn’t want to exercise because she feared losing her curves. That’s one of the craziest and laziest statement I’ve ever heard. Exercising will not make you look less attractive nor will it cause you to lose your curves. I know plenty of thick women who exercise and still maintain their curvy physique. So ladies, don’t worry about getting your curvy card revoked. Besides, being healthy and exercising will prolong your…

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  • Essay On Benefits Of Exercise

    Many people know the benefits that exercise can have on one’s overall general health, but there are fewer people that are knowledgeable about the role it plays in lowering the risk for many different cancers. Since other risk factors that contribute to cancer include an unhealthy amount of fat and an unhealthy weight, which also contribute to various other chronic diseases, one could weigh the idea that through exercising they are potentially killing three birds with one stone in regards to…

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  • Benefits Exercise Essay

    Exercising has many benefits. Exercise not only improves your physical, but mental health as well! Did you know, exercising not only maintains or decreases your weight but it also improves your mood? Exercising helps improve your mood because when your brain realizes it is conducting physical activity it begins to release dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical found in the brain. When dopamine is secreted it produces feelings of happiness, which makes sense since dopamine is often linked to feelings…

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  • Positive Benefits Of Exercise Essay

    Study after study shows that any physical activity leaves behind many positive benefits but how much exercise does that imply and what kind of benefits are likely to be seen or even felt. There is no right or wrong answer although the Department of Health and Human Services recommends a minimum of 20 minutes everyday doing moderate aerobic activity such as walking or mowing the lawn combined with 10 minutes of vigorous activity related to running or sports while mixing in 2 days of weight…

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  • Balance Exercise Benefits

    Exercise has many benefits physically and mentally. Michele Olson said, "We see changes in the body within seconds." With that being said, the same day of your work out; your lungs become stronger when you work out because it causes you to breath deeper which stretches your lungs. It also helps you get motivated because you know you are capable since you aren’t getting as tired as fast as you did in the beginning. Within the next day; your heart becomes healthier and prevents high blood…

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  • The Benefits Of Exercise For Older Adults

    Exercise is very important for many reasons, especially for older adults. As people age, physical and mental health deteriorates. Incorporating exercise into everyday life can delay the weaknesses that accompany an aging body. Many people however, are not able to reap the full benefits of an active lifestyle due to several factors including laziness, lack of education, and a busy lifestyle.. Studies have shown that failing to exercise leads to a rapid decline in health. According to the Centers…

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