Physical Exercise Essay

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The aim of the essay is to acknowledge the benefits that physical exercise has on the physiological, social, and especially on the psychological aspects of the life.
It is commonly recognize that physical activity has a major impact on health (Miles, 2007). There is an innumerable amount of physiological benefits of exercise such as to combat health conditions and diseases. Regular physical activity can improve muscle strength and boost endurance during day life tasks. Exercise can also help to prevent weight gain, promote the loss of weight and supports in other to gain muscle fitness among a wide variety of other benefits.
A lot of research have been done of these physiological benefits of exercise, nevertheless physical
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exercise or play sports regularly, only 38% of females, 43% of males and 29% of those 65 years and over (Health guidance,2014).
More than 60% do not engage in physical activity regularly.
US children of ages between 9 and 15 indicate that moderate-to-vigor physical activity declined with age. Boys move around 18 minutes more than girls in that age. Between ages 9 and 11 almost all the children of the study get to move the 60 minutes recommended by the government , but at the age of 15, just 31% me the guideline during the week and just a 17% on the weekend (McArdle, Katch and Katch, 2014).

Physiological benefits of exercise

The Physical Activates Guideline for Americans (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 2008), claim that exercise protect from developing:
• heart disease and stroke or its precursors;
• high blood pressure and undesirable blood lipid patterns;
• certain cancers, including colon and breast cancer, and possibly lung and endometrial (uterine lining) cancer.
• type 2 diabetes adult-onset diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
• Helps to prevent from osteoporosis.
• Prevents weight gain, promotes weight loss, and supports keep weight off heart-lung and muscle fitness
• Improves
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Stress and anxiety are considered as one of the mayor problems of our society. In fact, The World Health Organization has estimated that depression will be the second world’s mayor cause of death and disability for the year 2020 (Murray and Lopez, 1997). Normally, people cope with the illness thanks to medical therapy or medicaments, but after investigation made in the area more and more people is using exercise, sometimes together with the drug therapy, in order to reduce the levels of anxiety and depression due to the enhancement feeling of well-being produced by exercise.
1.1.1 Anxiety
Physical activity can have a significant effect on mental health. Physically active adults have better ideas about themselves and have high self-esteem, which is indicated by the increase in confidence, and emotional stability, independence and self-control.
According to Berger (1994), regular exercise can help to reduce anxiety, tension and stress under conditions of pressure. The habitual exercise as a technique for stress management has the benefit of improving mood, increase self-esteem and reduce physical and psychological reactions to stress. Furthermore, the higher the skill in the exercise, the greater the appreciation of the quality of life and self-discovery through exercise.
Participation in a consistent exercise regimen can reduce

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