Regular Exercise Benefits Essay

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Identify three benefits of regular exercise that would make you want to exercise regularly. Explain why for each benefit.

Regular exercise boosts your energy, alleviates stress and reduces the chances of developing chronic diseases. Physical activity boosts your energy levels because it increases the blood flow throughout your body which overall, makes you more alert. This could be beneficial for students who must be constantly focused and alert throughout their day. Furthermore, regular exercise reduces stress because there are endorphins being produced that essentially, work like painkillers. This could be of particular interest to students also, since they are always so stressed over their school work. Finally, exercise reduces the chances
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First of all, the physical aspect of wellness allows us to be in better tune with our bodies. This means that exercise allows us to get a better understanding of our bodies and their functions. Secondly, the social aspect of wellness encourages us to make positive choices about our social relationships and environment. For instance, participating in a physical activity with friends (like joining a soccer team) would definitely improve your overall wellness. Thirdly, the emotional aspect of wellness allows us to better communicate our feelings. This means that regular physical activity can affect our overall happiness. Furthermore, the intellectual aspect of wellness promotes us to be open and become lifelong learners. For example, you can learn a lot by engaging in a new sport or exercise. In addition, the spiritual aspect of wellness reassures that our actions stay true to our beliefs and values. This means that participating in meditating or quiet reflections between your regular exercise could help you live a healthier lifestyle. Finally, the occupational aspect of wellness emphasizes the importance of balancing work and play. While physical activity is extremely important, it is also important to remember to take small breaks. Therefore, by engaging in physical activity, we can obtain a well balanced lifestyle in order to reach our full

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