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  • Free Awakening Essays: Kate Chopin As The Great Writer

    Kate Chopin as the Great Writer In the end of 19th century and early 20th century, women's rights advocates often faced violent opposition from society. Many Americans feared that feminists, who populated an equality between women and men, would jeopardize the existence of the institution of the family and marriage, as well as destroy society. As a result, Kate Chopin, author of one of the first feminist novels “Awakening”, was in an extremely unfavorable situation. However, Kate wrote feminist stories including the novel “Awakening”, despite the condemnation of society, and laid the foundations of feminism in literature. This writer had a diverse biography. Her maiden name is Catherine O'Flaherty, and she was born in 1851 in a wealthy family (Bloom 19). Her father emigrated from Ireland to the USA, and he founded a successful business in the cities of Saint Louis and Missouri. Moreover, later he became the owner of the Pacific Railroad. Her mother was born in the famous French-Creole family of Saint Louis. When Kate was young she…

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  • Analysis Of Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within By Natalie Goldberg

    Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg is an instructional and explanatory novel that 's main goal is to, as it states, free the writer within. Goldberg strives to have each reader achieve the level of utmost appreciation and recognition of writing that she has also. She looks at writing as a way to escape life, but also to dive deeper into it, both at the same time. Right at the beginning when talking about the purpose of the novel, she directly states, " It is…

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  • English 101 Final Reflection

    Throughout the entirety of this English 101 course, I have seen my skills as a writer grow. In the beginning of the school year, my writing fell short of my expectations, but as I continued to work and learn the principles of writing, I have written papers that I am proud to say are mine. Among the aspects of my writing I have improved, the best strives are seen within my my counter arguments and overall strength and coherency of my papers. To begin, when looking at a paper I wrote in August on…

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  • Summary Of Free Writing And Desperation Writing

    In the articles “Free Writing” and “Desperation Writing”, written by Peter Elbow discusses the difference between free writing and desperation writing. This article is very helpful to read as a college student. It can help you decide what type of writer you are and how to become a better writer. It is pretty simple, as a free writers begin writing their papers and do not stop. They do not stop to edit or revise. They jot down any thoughts or ideas they have. Once they have finished with all of…

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  • The Importance Of A Writer's Blocks

    greatest of writers, as Lucy Maud Montgomery indicates in her insightful journal entry titled, Publishing Anne. Writer’s block cannot be generalized, it has separate causes and therefore, separate solutions. Writers often have difficulty producing original ideas when creativity in a written work is absent. Personal issues, causing a specific state of mind, can have a significant impact on an author’s ability to create, thereby hindering their means of communicating effectively. Writers,…

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  • Constructive Essay: The Purpose Of Writing

    Victory belongs to the most fearless. Everybody can be a writer, for we all naturally have a gift for creating art. The art of literature, is an elevated form of our senses and beliefs. In my eyes, writing is almost similar to scrape the little pieces of feelings together, and make up passages that hide fresh and raw nature between the lines. There is no need for any mimicry of other people’s format or rules, with only the basic elements and faith. Each single person can invent their own…

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  • Literary Criticism In The Last Laugh By D. H. Lawrence

    It was a great story. The writer had focused on certain issues in the short stories. Lawrence focused on the crucial aspects of the world nowadays which is considered ‘broken’ as we read the story. This story is about the reality of the broken world nowadays where peoples no longer holding their faith by making sin. A deaf artist, Miss James who was some sort of having a nymph-like power after hearing a ‘laugh’ on her way back from Lorenzo house. The policeman who was also with her on that night…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Writer

    through the years that everything is setting me up to be a great writer and some day I hope to publish a book or a short story. When I was younger I thought I could publish one of my stories, but I never could finish one. I would do a lot of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love Of Writing Vs. School Writing

    me feel a little better. These daily writings soon turned into depressing poems that were able to say all the things I wanted to, but were too afraid to speak out about. Poems soon became the only thing I would write in my free time. I loved how simple they looked from the outside, but once you started reading them a whole complex world came flowing through the stanzas. Looking back on that, I think the poems symbolized who I was as a person. I continue to write poems to this day and they are…

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  • Reflective Writing Project 2

    first is free write my thoughts about a topic or idea on paper first because sometimes it is hard for me to write what I want to write into context. After the free write I would go back and make a sense out of it to make sure it sounds…

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