The Importance Of Generative Writing

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Victory belongs to the most fearless. Everybody can be a writer, for we all naturally have a gift for creating art. The art of literature, is an elevated form of our senses and beliefs. In my eyes, writing is almost similar to scrape the little pieces of feelings together, and make up passages that hide fresh and raw nature between the lines. There is no need for any mimicry of other people’s format or rules, with only the basic elements and faith. Each single person can invent their own paradigm. Each single individual is a theorist, and all they need is to feel and to believe.

We do not have to play smart in writing. There is no need to read and imitate what other people wrote. Shakespear can use his eyes to see the world in one way, but we can see the other view. We, human, have wasted so much time to build the whole lie about civilization, and
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Generative writing, similar to inkshedding and loop writing, will help writers to expand their creativity while completing the whole “writing-to-learn approach”, and then they will slowly find their weakness and power force. However, it is controversial but somehow pointless to ask “students to place themselves in the universe of other writers”, and whether students who “take oneself too seriously” are “problematic”(Peter Elbow, 194). As beginner writers, students always have too many worries before they write, and when they are motivated by encouragement, they start to believe in themselves. From my point of view, having confidence in oneself and believing in one’s uniqueness is anything but a problem. If a writer is not proud of their originality, there would be no reason for the audience to read what is considered a “flawed” piece of writing. Therefore, there is no need to worry about whether the product is going to reach one’s expectation, for one’s mastery of writing cannot be measured by a mark or a

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