Analysis Of Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within By Natalie Goldberg

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Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg is an instructional and explanatory novel that 's main goal is to, as it states, free the writer within. Goldberg strives to have each reader achieve the level of utmost appreciation and recognition of writing that she has also. She looks at writing as a way to escape life, but also to dive deeper into it, both at the same time. Right at the beginning when talking about the purpose of the novel, she directly states, " It is also about using writing as your practice, as a way to help you penetrate your life and become sane. What is said here about writing can be applied to running, painting, anything you love and have chosen to work with in your life" (Goldberg 3). Throughout the entire novel, Natalie Goldberg 's tone and style remain extremely constant. Her tone is passionate, inspirational, respectful, and full of knowledge and life. Her style is both persuasive and informative. The best way to describe the tone of Natalie Goldberg in this novel is passionate. When she talks about writing, the reader can tell that she is truly talking about something that she cares a …show more content…
This novel is significant because it inspires and teaches writers to let themselves go when they write and truly write what they are feeling at that moment. The importance of this work is in the novel 's title itself: to free the writer within. Goldberg says many a times throughout the novel and in many different ways that inside everyone is something that is just itching to be said. And writing creatively, informatively, or truthfully is the way to say that. With its passionate tone and persuasive style, Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within inspires and teaches writers to say what they are feeling and to never back down from those

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