Analysis Of Calming The Inner Critic And Getting To Work

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Writing is different for everyone. We all have interesting stories to tell. If there is one thing that is true for every writer, it is that we all have an inner critic. Allegra Goodman advises writers how to get past their inner critic in her article, “Calming the Inner Critic and Getting to Work”. Silencing my inner judgments can be one of the most challenging parts of writing, but once the critic is silenced something magical and therapeutic emerges.
While I was first learning to read and write I had difficulty with both. I was frustrated, and therefore decided very early on that I disliked English classes. As I have gotten older I have come to love reading and writing. They are extremely cathartic for me. Reading or writing a good book can
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However, I don’t create a plan. Then I start getting my thoughts out onto the page. I find that if I write exactly what I am thinking and feeling, my literature is honest. If I write with an exact plan my writing tends to be stifled and I begin to overthink. If I just sit down and write it all out, then I can go back and edit. This process has its pros and cons. It makes for some great content in my literature; however, the grammar in my writings suffer. I find that this process leads to something extremely …show more content…
Goodman proposes the idea to “go back to your library, your forest, your newspapers, your family, your day job, your photos, your music, your maps and jottings of old dreams” to find your inspiration (2). I find this to be helpful when I am having trouble getting all of my ideas out of my head and into a story. My place is anywhere outside in the sun. I get into what Goodman calls a trance and my ideas come to me easily. I also love to go to an art museum where inspiring art surrounds me, and it is quiet. I love going to the places that inspire me the most. She also advises, “Do not go back to the drawing board. There is nothing more depressing than an empty drawing board” (2). I am a huge offender of deleting whole pages of writing at a time. This is not a good thing because even if I didn’t like the paper as a whole there may have been some ideas that could be used. When going back, there may be the chance that some of the ideas would not work for that particular paper. However, some ideas that do work for my paper. The idea of having to start over can also make getting my thoughts out even harder. I begin to feel less optimistic and I shut down. This blocks my ability to concentrate and get what I need to say out, because I am more focused on the fact that I have nothing

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