Personal Narrative: Overcoming My Literacy Journey

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Overcoming My Literacy Journey I can remember as a child probably second or third grade and my Dad pointing to some really hard word in the dictionary. I was able to read that word with ease. He had expressed how he thought I would excel in reading until one day everything changed. I became what I would define as a terrible reader. To say the least my literacy journey has been rather challenging and even frustrating at times. I can remember when I was in elementary school when I became a terrible reader but I always managed to excel in Spelling. Why is this I thought? I can remember being in the “special” classes for reading. It wasn’t that I couldn’t read; it is just that I didn’t comprehend what I was reading. I always felt like I was comprehending but when it …show more content…
As middle school and high school went on I was still able to do really well in Spelling and English. I loved English. I loved writing and learning sill little songs to remember things in English like, “Good, better, best, never let it rest until the good gets better and the better gets best.” But, when it came to reading I was just not interested. It was so boring to me. With me thinking it was boring it made me eventually hate reading. I hated it so much I was terrified to take my 8th grade reading test. This was a huge test because if you didn’t pass you couldn’t dive at 16. But, on the other hand I was looking forward to the writing portion of the test. Luckily, I passed the test and was able to get my license. In high school, I found it hard to study because I hated it so bad. The only class I found easy to read about was Ok History. This is because I was interested in it. I am the person that if I am not into it I just give up and end up hating it. This made things very challenging but somehow I ended up passing with mostly A’s and B’s. I wish then I would have tried harder to prepare me for my next stage in

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