Measurements Of Stress

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Measurements of Stress in Life Science Stress can be defined as the physiological, psychological and behavioural responses towards change. It is a common problem of humans’ and it is increasing progressively. Conditions of stress are work load, work place, conflicts between co-workers, social life issues, environment and time pressure. It has two types: eustress or positive stress which means performance improvement and distress or negative stress which can lead to mental and physical problems. Stress has three levels: acute, episodic, chronic. These stress levels can be detected by brain imaging systems. In order to detect and treat stress in its earlier stages usage of technological devices and systems are very important.

To detect
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Because of their work loads, long working hours, high expectations and environment, people get stressed very easily. Therefore, this causes the biggest problem of our century: low task force. At the point when business related anxiety emerges and it is not dealt with, it can cause enormous long-term physical and mental issues on the employee [4], yet in addition financial misfortunes in the organizations. Musculoskeletal disorders, depression, anxiety, increased probability of infections [6], chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, diabetes, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers [7] and coronary heart disease are only some examples of chronic stress’ long-term consequences that enterprises suffer from. Stress is the second most regular business related medical issue in Europe. [4] because of this, the enterprises lost lots of money. As per this, 51% of European labourers admit that anxiety is basic in their work environment and it is assessed that 50– 60% of all lost working days in European enterprises are due to business related anxiety and psychosocial dangers [4] [2]. Again, the EEG system can be used to determine which worker is stressed and can be used for solution. Meanwhile, Okada et al. [5] developed a continuous stress monitoring system for office workers based on ECG recordings. After a 3-day experiment, the availability of the system was validated and thus, the feasibility of a continuous monitoring system was approved. …show more content…
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