Workplace Stress Essay Introduction

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Despite of the fact that being an effective employee and an employer is our full of challenge to increase our productivities, workplace stress are currently a growing concern around the world because it affects not only the individual 's health, but also the organization 's productivity. According to a number of results of Canadian studies to workplace stress, there are beneficial measures that employers and employees can develop their own solutions to avoid the negative impact of stress and to stop it from arising in the first place. Therefore, since the causes of workplace stress is particularly important aspect to increase job satisfaction, this report will identify what is workplace stress and clarify how the stress affect
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Since having a job is vital to live, diversity factors of workplace stress has shown because people are aware of that once they stressed at work, they have healthcare costs twice as high than for other employees who are not stressed at work. According to the study result of Occupational Stress Management from Murphy, L. R., when factors unique to the job, role in the organization, career development, relationships at work, and Organizational structure and climate are the most resources of the job stress. Additionally, there are some noticeable example of stress to each category such as abilities do not match job demands, role ambiguity, career development opportunities and communication patterns. (Murphy, L. R., Occupational Stress Management: Current Status and Future Direction in Trends in Organizational Behavior, 1995, p. 1-14.) However, Statistics Canada reported that the work is the main cause of stress for stressed workers, thus, most Canadians feel extremely stressed about work ( Therefore, when being aware of cause to stress at work is necessary to recognize proper solutions, identifying the sources of workplace stress can help you not only preventing the stress at work, but also avoiding waste of

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