Nurses Conquering Stress Summary

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Nurses Conquering Stress This critique will analyze how to deal with stress as a nurse. The article I choose to analyze is Combatting Stress by Holly Carpenter published in 2017. Some would even agree it can be considered a job within a job. In this article, Carpenter, evaluates how stress affects nurses emotionally, physically, and mentally. In addition, Carpenter provides several ways how the environment can help nurses when coping with stress.
Summary of what causes nurses to stress Stress is a general phenomenon in the workplace. Precisely, there is a great deal of pressure which can become a negative influence on the environment, the staff, and eventually the patients. Healthcare facilities are active paced settings and nurses usually
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One of the best ways a nurse can relieve their stress is to have emotional support from her family, friends, or even fellow nurses. Moreover, some other ways a nurse can alleviate stress is to work out, implore in God, or even take a leave. The most significant factor for a nurse is to take care of herself first so she would be able to render the best care to her patients. Some examples are getting proper sleep, nourishment, good health, and a definite balance between work and personal life. Furthermore, the management can also help minimize the tension on nurses by having suitable safety guidelines. Corresponding to Carpenter, scheduling reasonable workloads will help eliminate staff from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated (Para.4). The employers should also promote an organized, peaceful, and respectful environment for their nurses to be comfortable. This will engender the employees to be more productive and display to their employees that they are valued. In return, this will be a success for both …show more content…
I choose this article to learn techniques on how to control my stress and to develop new skills when I am in stressful situations. Understanding how to cope with my own stress will enable me to provide the best possible care to my patients. I absolutely agree with Holly Carpenter on her article. There are so many different factors that cause stress in a nurse's life and with the few tips such as self-care can become an influential impact on a nurse's life. I believe in having significant support from family and friends. One of my support system I have now is, being able to talk to someone or vent to them after a long day of work which helps me to relieve a big deal of

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