Biofeedback Intervention For Stress And Anxiety In Nursing Students

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Nursing Students experience a significant amount of stress and anxiety during their time in nursing school. In the article Biofeedback Intervention for Stress and Anxiety Among Nursing Students: A Randomized Control Trial, the researchers discuss the use of biofeedback measuring heart rate variability to control the amount of stress and anxiety second year nursing students experience during their clinical. The researchers decided use biofeedback heart rate variability (HRV), since there have been no previous studies on the use of biofeedback devices measuring nursing students stress and anxiety (Ratanasiripong, 2012).
In the review of the literature focuses on the previous research on the effects of stress and anxiety in nursing students.
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This conclusion is reasonable, and the review believes the utilization of the intervention is beneficial during a clinical. The researcher claims in the conclusion that the “more psychologically healthy the nursing students are, the more likely they will flourish and graduate to become productive and contributing members of the nursing profession” (Ratanasiripong, 2012). The results of the study did not find this conclusion. The study was only conducted over five weeks and did not evaluate the psychological health of students beyond the post-intervention surveys, therefore the researcher’s conclusions went beyond the findings of the …show more content…
The research article discusses using the positive results of the biofeedback training program and giving it to nurse educators as a tool to help augment the clinical component of the curriculum and to assess and improve the physical well-being of the nursing students (Ratanasiripong, 2012). It also will allow the students to gain in site into how the mind and body are linked.
The researcher suggests that future studies on the subject should expand into different nursing colleges and different countries (Ratanasiripong, 2012). The reviewer believes this will allow the future researcher to compare how the different nursing colleges clinical’s have an effect on stress and anxiety of the students. The researcher also suggests doing follow-up studies on the impact of the biofeedback training on stress, anxiety and academics performance to understand the long-term efficacy of the biofeedback intervention (Ratanasiripong,

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