Health Empowerment Theory

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List the concept you have chosen and a theory using this concept [use the list of concepts to get you started]

My concept is empowerment. I will focus on empowering elderly adults living alone in the community to live quality life by using both internal and external environment to meet their health goals.

Myra Levine conservation theory supports my concept. In her theory, individual’s energy is conserved to help them meet their goals with the least effort possible (McEwen & Wills, 2014). The theory includes the principle of conservation of: energy, structural integrity, personal integrity, and social integrity, all of which are necessary in helping elderly achieve quality life. Each individual is seen as a unique being that is constantly and actively interacting with the environment to seek information. During this interaction, changes occur and adaptation determines the integrity and wholeness of the individual. Nursing intervention and client’s active participation results in
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Find one nursing research article [either qualitative or quantitative] not previously used and briefly summarize the study with the focus on how the author[s] use the concept
Randomized Control Trial of the Health Empowerment Intervention: Feasibility and Impact.
Results showed that participants found the intervention acceptable, had significant improvement in health empowerment, and had purposeful participation in goal attainment and wellbeing (Shearer, Fleury, & Belyea, 2010). The study further indicated participants had increased self-capacity, attained personal health goals, increased self-acceptance and wellbeing.

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