Stress In The Workplace

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In the today’s competitive world, the work-life balance and stress management for employees are becomes highly important. If there is no job satisfaction and regularity in life, it can create many problems to employees. The work stress has become a common problem which is faced by employees of every organization. Both work-life balance and stress go hand in hand. The employees should balance the personal and professional lives and the policies at work place should support to achieve this goal. This paper focuses on the role of stress and the consequences for both employee and employer. For successful balance of work-life balance of employees, the employer needs to frame policies that would reduce the work load of employee without affecting …show more content…
The success of the organization remains in attracting and retaining the right people. Loyal employees are important for each and every employer. Many researchers have exposed that there is a significant cost to employer and employee when the stress is not properly addressed. According to Hanes (2002), stress is condition of physical or mental strain or physical/emotional wear and tear that can be result of a real or perceived threat. While an overstressed condition can have negative impact on employee, in some cases stress will resukt in higher performance if the stress is handled properly.
The outcome of the research on extra organizational stress is the work-life imbalance. The work-life imbalance is a form of inter role conflicts where fulfillment of work obligations interfere with family responsibilities. The inter role conflicts can be classified as below. 1. Time-based conflict – time devoted to each role. 2. Strain-based conflicts – strain originating from one role affecting
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Work-life imbalance and stress of employee at last affects the success of the organization. The clash between domestic duties and personal commitments has an impact on the career of an employee and performance of the organization.
Stress is one of the most important factors that affect the performance of the organization which is operating in a highly competitive world. Stress is concept that incorporates the interaction of environment and the individual. According to Gok. O (2002), the organizational stress is belonging to the working environment and negative or stressful situation. Always, people have an obligation to co-ordinate their efforts to realize their personal objectives and to reach their professional targets. For this, employees have to accomplish more than they can do on their own. The interaction of many factors related to the individual with group, they belongs to, affects the employer in turn. Organizational stress is due to overlapping of resistance from the employees and their capacities. The recent studies show that the most of the absenteeism is due to stress in the work place. The employees and employers should have a comfortable conversation about positive and negative situations. The comfortable conversation can reduce the problems

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