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  • Example Of Informative Speech

    On Friday, October 21st, I presented my informative speech on the history of the sunflower and sunflower oil production. This was my third speech of the semester and my first informative speech. I felt that I had done adequate research on my speech topic and therefore felt confident about giving my speech. In my next speech, I believe that I could improve my use of visual aids, nonverbal communication, and improve my speech time. However, I do feel that there were components of my speech that were good and clearly showed improvement from my last speech. A few of the things that I feel went well during my speech were my organization, summary of main points in the conclusion, and the rate at which I spoke. During my informative speech, I feel that there were many things that went well. One of the things that went well was the organization of my speech and the supporting information that I included. My speech was well organized and followed a categorical outline. I organized my speech in a way that each main point covered a different aspect of the topic. For example, my first main point was the history of the sunflower in North America, the second point covered the history in Russia and the third main point emphasized the oil production. Each of these main points also showed the most important features of the topic, because I wanted to guarantee that I did not have too many sub points. The colleague who observed my speech video agreed that the content of my speech was well…

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  • Example Of An Informative Presentation Speech

    This memo will inform you of the evaluation I gave myself concerning the informative presentation speech. It will be based off of the criteria worksheet, and I will go over strengths, weaknesses, strategies for improvement, and an overall reflection of my speech. Strengths of The Speech: My appearance was neat and professional, and went with the assignment. The PowerPoint visual was clear, simple, uncluttered, informative, and used smoothly. The language used was professional and appropriate…

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  • Essay On Informative Speech

    Some more complicated then others depending on the situation, the topic, and the audience. The informative speech was one of the harder speeches I had to give since it had to include more research, and more hard facts then the previous speeches. Therefore, it needed more preparation. During preparation part of the informative speech a key learning moment for me was that you can’t procrastinate and do it the night before. That means don’t procrastinate on topic selection, research, or on the…

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  • Trenton Merrick's Article 'There Is No Identity Over Time'

    Merricks article, “There is no identity over time,” he argues that criterialism is false and that if there isn’t enough reason to support criterialism, then it should be rejected. He uses example of his daughter being duplicated and DNA of a cat in order to show why criterialism is false. I will be arguing that his argument is too strict and that the absurdity of his argument lies in his anti-criterialism argument. I will also argue that this view is contradictory. I will be using the his own…

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  • Four Functions Of Language

    evolving and changing through time. Despite the fact that Language has different functions, they serve one main purpose. To make expression of one’s idea, thought and feeling. Specifically, language has four functions. They are expressive, informative, directive and survival. The first use of language is defined as expressive, it allows people to express how they feel. It is a combination of multiple form of languages. Here an example, Tom’s face was cheerless, when he stared at rain…

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  • The Forms Of Genre And Vegetarian Diets

    As we continue through life, we experience many forms of genres. A genre is a category or sort, but it can change according to the content of the genre as well as through the perception of the author and/or audience. Genres may be strict on their criteria, but many genres overlap. To explain, the informative genre relates to anything that is informative. A photo essay is an essay, which contains photos, and very little text. A news article can be seen as part of the informative genre, but if the…

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  • Informative Speech: The Purpose Of A Public Speech

    For example, if I have to give a speech about rising sea level in an audience of environmentalists, engineers or scientist, then I will have to give an informative speech with new, interesting, and intriguing information since they are most likely experts on the field. If I have to give a speech to the general public, then I would make a persuasive and informative speech to get the audience caring and to understand the importance helping solve the rising sea level so they do it due to certainty…

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  • Reflective Reflection

    • At the start of the lesson, I used the writing process to explain to Ryne what we would be doing for the day. I pointed out the section that we were in, goal setting, and also referred back to the section that covers what we know about the type of writing. • Before I had Ryne set goals for his own writing, I talked about the goal of informational writing. I did this so Ryne would know what to base his goals off of. I also connected informative writing to the real world to help explain the…

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  • Join The Flu Fighters Analysis

    ‘Join the Flu Fighters’ is an informative and persuasive leaflet given out to adults across the UK, whose employers have decided to use this service. This means that there is a specific audience to relate to – working adults – so healthy males and females aged 18-60 generally. The background context is relevant for this leaflet as working adults have similar basic desires – to save money and have an easy kind of life. The author of this leaflet seemingly plays on these desires, examples include…

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  • Objective Of A Speech

    Relating the subject to the audience is one clear way of doing this. For example, in my informative speech on the Culper Spy Ring, I started out by showing a picture of James Bond. The entire audience recognized the character, and was almost immediately interested simply because of the familiarity. Usage of the words “you” and “your” helps as well, as does talking about the topic in terms of the audience. The third guideline is “Don’t be too technical.” The audience will not be able to…

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