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  • Hygieia Case Study

    Marketing Objectives Kohler’s large presence in the faucet industry creates an opportunity to bring new and innovative products to market. Kohlers mission, “At the core of Kohler Styles change. But some things should never be altered, like our commitment to bold innovation and gracious living.” (“Mission,” n.d.). Guided by their core values, Kohler is pushing the industry forward with the introduction of the Hygieia. Goals • Increase target market awareness through social media, advertising, and on premise demos/promotions among the 25-40-year-old population by 30% within one year. • Inform target audience about our features and benefits of Hygieia, and its competitive advantages leading to a 10% growth in overall sales. • Become the preferred faucet choice in the restaurant, and school segments by the beginning of Q4 2018. • Continue to grow retail support in big box retailers to increase revenue, and convert non Hygieia users. Run two promotions in Q3, and Q4 to increase customer spending by 5% in the US markets by the end of Q4 2016. Target Market Strategy Our target market will focus on two markets industrial, and commercial uses. Such as large businesses, restaurants, hospitals, and schools that are looking for a “peace in mind” of a healthy environment, and are cautious about spreading infection-causing germs. When the product is successful, we can look at moving into the residential market, once we can find a more price friendly alternative in manufacturing costs…

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  • 1984 Relationships In 1984

    Everything in the relationship was routine including the sex. When everything is looked at as a job then there is no room for self expression and intimacy will never blossom. When someone is alone that person tends to have doubts about their feelings and have tendencies to hesitate when it comes to their actions. For instance in the book “1984” the main character Winston spent weeks getting up enough courage to write in a journal. On the other hand, it only took him a week and a half to…

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  • 1984: 1984 Symbolism And Symbolism In 1984

    across the mat. How small, thought Winston, how small it always was” (183-184). 3. Telescreens: Everyone in Oceania has a telescreen therefore allowing the party to monitor them. They can never be turned off and people are constantly forced to engage in activities through the use of the telescreens such as the physical jerks. The telescreens symbolize the people of Oceania’s loss of freedom and the abuse they endure. They can also symbolize how power is abused wrongly since the party uses the…

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  • Language In 1984 And 1984

    Can a government really control the country by using languages? In Oceania, it has the government control the lives of the people by using languages and the government in 1984 is called Big Brother. It is created by George Orwell and it is about how Big brother can control the people by using languages. There are four ministry that control different part of the government. There is newspeak and doublethink that Big Brother use to control the people and it would restrict how people would rebel.…

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  • 1984 And Totalitarianism In 1984

    One of the main themes of the novel is power of the government. This theme is visible is the totalitarianism of the government in Oceania. In Oceania the Party rules everything in the daily lives of the citizens. It is clear throughout the whole novel that the power that the Party has is unlimited. The leader of the Party, known only by the name Big Brother, can be found everywhere almost as a way to remind the people of who has all the power in their society. They constantly monitor their…

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  • Dystopia In 1984 Vs 1984

    If one were to read the book 1984 written by George Orwell, there would be a conclusion the state of society would be a dystopian society, which can be defined by “a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding,” (“The Definition of Dystopia,”). The same conclusion could be made of the movie Divergent. In 1984, the people that live in the society are closely watched and they can be executed by simply thinking something that were to go against their…

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  • Essay Similarities Between 1984 And 1984

    Lang and Orwell’s seminal texts both express their concerns of the imbalance of power in totalitarian regimes. In Fritz Lang’s German expressionist film Metropolis (1927) the totalitarian control is from the industry. Whereas, the novel 1984 (1948) by George Orwell focuses on the extremes of political power. The dystopian worlds Lang and Orwell create through a range of literary and film techniques though, differ in response to their respective contexts. Both composers are critical the way…

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  • 1984 In The Giver And 1984 By Lois Lowry

    As most know 1984 was written during World War II and published shortly after it ended. During the time 1984 was published, Totalitarian Governments (i.e Fascist, Nazi, or Socialist) were in control of cities known as the Soviet Union, Germany, and Spain. Big Brother, the controlling system in 1984 is compared to leaders accordingly like Stalin and Hitler. The Party can be associated with the Totalitarian Government for their power of controlling what their followers/population thinks. The…

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  • 1984 Conformity In George Orwell's 1984

    1984 Conformity in America America: land of the free, right? Well, maybe not. 1984 portrays a totalitaristic society that seems far from the world we live in today, at first glance. But at a closer look, there are many chilling parallels between these two universes which are typically thought to be opposites. Of course, there are resemblances in surveillance and maybe even propaganda, but we generally do not believe conformance exists in our society. American citizens like to think that…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between 1984 And 1984

    conflict that would not have otherwise been there in another environment. Whether it be culture, the way things are controlled, or weather, setting has a big part in whatever form of story they are featured in. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet the setting is the country of Denmark which is run by a monarchy in turmoil after the loss of its leader. Alternatively, the book 1984 written by George Orwell is set in the dystopian society of Oceania run by an oligarchy headed by a figure known as Big Brother…

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