Stephen Durant Character Analysis

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Stephen Durant is a College student and has a dream to be in the NBA. Although he doesn't know if he will get drafted to the NBA. He worries that he is not tall enough, not strong enough, and not fast enough. So, this off-season, Stephen plans to work harder than he ever has. He then hires a personal trainer to help him with his weaknesses.

The hiring of the personal trainer was hard for him cause he didn't have much money. He used up his money the other day helping homeless men move into his new home. Steph was good friends with a couple of NBA players, but he didn't want to ask them for money because he thought it wasn't nice. Two days later a hall of fame player called Michael Jordan from the NBA called him and said that he could help
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So after the visit to Michael’s house Stephen went home and drank cups, after cups of milk, and got as much rest as he needed. He made that as a daily routine for those two weeks before the draft. There was two days left until draft day, and does not know if he is growing. So Stephen went to Michael's house and as soon as Michael opened the door, he saw a whole new Stephen Durant. He told Stephen that he has grown a lot in the last two weeks he saw him. Stephen couldn't believe it.

Stephen rushed to the Seca in Michael’s house to measure himself. He was amazed. Stephen grew to six feet three inches. Now Stephen was all geared up to be in the NBA.

The next day Stephen prepared for the draft by going to the store to try out the suits. He tried on all kinds of suits. But he couldn't find the right one. So Michael helped him pick out a suit that was great for that day. It was a white suit, with white pants, and a white buttoned down shirt, and a white tie. Stephen looked great in
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So many other people came to watch too. The draft started and they called the first pick and it wasn't Stephen. Stephen was happy for the guy who got drafted first overall pick. Then the announcer called Stephen’s best friend for the second pick and Stephen was so happy for him because they worked together their whole lives. The announcer called the third pick and he said “ with the third pick in the 2015 draft the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers select Stephen Durant”. Stephen was so excited that he got drafted to the NBA and when he went up to give his speech he said i'm here because of Michael Jordan.

After a couple months in the NBA Stephen gave Michael his paycheck and thanked him one more time for his help. This shows that if you put in the work it will pay off and you will succeed.
After a couple years Stephen Durant became one of the best players in the NBA right now.
Stephen went to bed being a household name. Stephen decided that if a college player decided to be in the NBA he would be their trainer and help the get toward their dream of being in the

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