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  • My Vacation To Florida

    My most memorable vacation was a trip to Florida with two of my best friends a few years ago. They were both moving halfway across the country soon, so we decided to splurge on one last trip together. We drove all the way to Florida from New York. It took nearly 24 hours of driving, but we finally made it. We visited Disney World, Universal Studios, and the beach because we had never been to any of those places before. Our vacation was filled with thrills, some disappointment, and ended on a tranquil note. Our visit to Disney World was disappointing for me, but I will cherish it because I got to experience it for the first time with both of my best friends. When we first got there, I immediately noticed how much it is geared toward small children.…

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  • My Tennessee Vacation

    My Trip to Tennessee As a young child I have never had the opportunity to go on a true vacation far from Indiana. Although I have been on other vacations, but those were either in southern Indiana, Michigan, or Illinois. My first true vacation was to Tennessee and it was amazing. I will be telling you about everything leading up to my first trip, who I went with on my vacation, on the road to Tennessee, where we stayed, and everything we did on our family trip. For my first vacation, I found…

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  • My Hawaii Vacation

    travel to Hawaii for a relaxing vacation with my family. Finally, we planned to go to Hawaii right at the beginning of summer. I don’t know anyone who would decline the offer to go to Hawaii. Knowing that this would be a vacation that I might never experience again, I knew I had to make the best of anything that happened. What could possibly go wrong? Whenever I picture Hawaii, I just think of the beach, the pink and orange sunsets, and having absolutely nothing to worry about. That sounded…

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  • My Vacation To Texas

    In my lifetime I haven’t visited many places outside Texas besides Tennessee and the only country I have visited besides the one I am currently in is Mexico. I haven’t been to many places around the world, but I have visited many areas in Texas that I could possible create my own map of Texas. However, my favorite place I have visited or vacationed to is Mexico, even though I go to there every year during Christmas break. It never gets old, because I have a lot of fun there and it’s a…

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  • My Vacation In My Life

    I had two days to pack my suitcase for a three-week vacation. I had two days to prepare myself that I was even going to be departing on a three-week vacation. Let's rewind to when I was placed on the waiting list for my ninth grade Quebec bursary trip. I was defeated, destroyed, heartbroken. Waitlisted is almost as bad as receiving a straight up “NO!” However only two days before the program was deemed to start, two days before we had to be in another province; 1589 kilometers away, my mother…

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  • My Favorite Vacation To The Bahamas

    My favorite vacation was the time when my father and I took a cruise to the Bahamas. We went through different types of cities such as Freeport and Nassau. I enjoyed seeing the sites, going to little shops, looking at all the views Bahamas had to offer, and learning the diverse cultures. The Bahamas offered a few amazing attractions and events while we were there. We did family activities such as boating riding, fishing, seeing the dolphins, and taking tours around a few cities. The food we had…

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  • My Vacation To Thailand Essay

    I was zooming through the air in a plane at rapid speeds, yet I was at a point in my life where everything was at a standstill. Nothing significant was happening. I was an aspiring soccer player, but at the moment I had no team to play on. I was growing more anxious day by day, and I began to wonder what the future had in store for me after my vacation. It wouldn't take long for me to find out. I would have never thought that my vacation to Thailand in June of 2017 would change my life. It…

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  • Peter Lik: Panoramic Landscape Master

    May 9th 2016. “Peter Lik.” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia Foundation, Inc. May 2nd 2016. Web. May 9th 2016. Notes It’s been a long time since I’ve written a paper Professor Campbell, 10 years or so to be exact! I hope I did ok! I was confused with the MLA citing in text stuff, not sure if it’s needed if only two sources?! Both sources had some identical information as well which would have made…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Kids Have A Summer Break?

    Familyshare, 2017. 7 Mar. 2017. (Bitsko) Cox, Michelle. “Gods Gift of Summer and Family Time.” Guide Posts, Guide Posts, 1 June 2016, Accessed 15 Mar. 2017. Klein, Rebecca. “Summer Learning Loss Study: Can 'Summer Slide' Be Prevernted.”The Huffington Post, The Huffington Inc, 2017,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Vacation

    them. With that, for the past ten years my dad has made vacation an annual occurrence. Vacation for us represents getting a “reward” for having a successful year of work and school year. Vacation is also a time where my entire family and I can wind down and relax for a week without having to worry if the cows had gotten out or if we had remembered to turn off the pivots to water the crops. It is a special time that is very sacred to us. Family is important, and we do not always have the time to…

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