My Trip On Vacation To Wildwood

My Trip On Vacation To Wildwood When I Was Little

It was in the year 2008 when my family and I had went to Wildwood beach on vacation.

That was when my brother Louie asked,“Can we go to the beach?” My mom said, “Soon.” My

brothers and I were so excited that we couldn’t wait! Once we had payed for the valet, we

quickly ran on the beach to the place where we could see the water. I was four years old when

this all happened. My brothers Louie and Daniel were five years old. My mom and dad came

along with us too and brought all of our toys. But before the fun started, we had to get our

bracelets in order to get in. I was so excited to start the fun! When we had arrived and settled

down on the beach, my brother Louie and I started
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She video taped us so that we could remember this and watch it over

again when we were older. I needed a break so I sat on my daddy’s lap and drank a box of apple

juice. I watched the waves crash by softly. It was amazing!

I had finished my apple juice and I wanted to go into the ocean with my brothers. “Wow!

Look at the dolphins mommy!” I said. It was amazing how they were jumping all in a straight line

in the ocean together. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were 4 baby dolphins. As a result, one

of the dolphins was pregnant and just swam along with the others.The dolphins squealed and

were very entertaining! They had finished passing and the ice cream man was coming! I begged

my mom for an ice cream cone. It was delicious but I got chocolate all over my mouth! I was a

mess. Good thing my mom had brought wipes along with us to clean my mouth and hands with.

Since I was four years old, my mom was scared to send me into the ocean because she

thought that I would get taken away. So, when we were on vacation, she brought a mini inflatable

pool with us. I went in the ocean often. For this reason, there had to be my mom or dad with
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My brother Daniel informed me

that it was going to be alright. I had stopped playing for a little while because it was lunchtime

anyways. For lunch, I had a ham and cheese sandwich with lays sour cream and onion chips.

Then, after lunch, I had another ice cream bar for dessert. It was scrumptious!

When I had wrapped up lunch, I had went back in my little swimming pool. While I was in

my swimming pool, my brothers were playing catch with a football. My dad had joined them as

well. I was lounging in my pool with my mom while my brothers were playing football. It was

3:00p.m and I thought it was funny if I went and tanned on my blanket. It felt very comfortable

and I was laughing. My mom thought it was funny as well. Soon, my fun day had almost ended

so we started packing up and loaded the car for our drive home. I was sad because I had a fun

time at the beach. Except, I didn’t want to leave because that was the time where it was close to

sunset and the sun was coming down. The sky was so beautiful. Truly, I believed that the

sunset looked like a painted picture with all different colors in it. My mom and I couldn’t believe

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