1984 In The Giver And 1984 By Lois Lowry

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--“Text to World” Connection #1 As most know 1984 was written during World War II and published shortly after it ended. During the time 1984 was published, Totalitarian Governments (i.e Fascist, Nazi, or Socialist) were in control of cities known as the Soviet Union, Germany, and Spain. Big Brother, the controlling system in 1984 is compared to leaders accordingly like Stalin and Hitler. The Party can be associated with the Totalitarian Government for their power of controlling what their followers/population thinks. The people are brainwashed into thinking a distinct deed is right, nevertheless, brainwashed into thinking a specific action is wrong; their party controls their emotions, feelings, moreover, their morals. Furthermore, manipulation …show more content…
A connection The Giver and 1984 makes is the loss of feelings; though both worlds have different definitions of feelings, their government does not allow them to truly feel their emotions. For example, both The Giver and 1984 look down upon sexual intercourse. In The Giver, birthmothers are consequently the least wanted job; you are most likely disowned by your family. Jonas, from the Giver, and Winston, from 1984, connects by having a love interest; both are caught from carelessness and suffered the consequences. They do not have choices they can make for themselves, the government chose their jobs, and as well the person they can marry. The Giver shows the use of Telescreens- cameras placed in houses, entrances, and walkways-, which is introduced in 1984, to watch for thought crimes that would be made. The two books also connect with their memories, or lack of thereof; only a few characters in each book know the real past about the world. For example, The Giver and Jonas (the receiver) are the only two in their society that knows why their society is the way it

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