Poverty in the Philippines Essay

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  • Poverty In The Philippines Essay

    Having poverty is unfair, unethical, and dangerous. The Philippines should abolish poverty because its people deserve to be free of it. Poverty in the Philippines is one of the most serious problems that the government must deal with. In relation to its nature, poverty in the Philippines arose from the rapid population growth in the country. The effects of it are very visible in nature. Poverty causes many Filipinos to not pursue their education. Others seem to be contented of their lives as poor. Many parents cannot afford to send their children to school because, of the financial problem. The majority who are affected of this problem are those who are living in the mountain areas because, some of them are lived in miles away from schools…

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  • Reflection Of Social Entrepreneurship In The Philippines

    the entire Philippines today we experience poverty caused by inequality where the gap between the Filipino rich and the poor is relatively high and alarming. Poverty has always been present even in the past governments. It is one of the biggest and most evident problems in the Philippines considering that we are a developing country. According to the dictionary, poverty is defined as the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. Poverty and inequality in the…

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  • Biography Of Corazon Aquino

    Corazon Aquino was open to growth in the various ways as she worked to find solutions to the conflicts in the Philippines. Through her understanding that influence sometimes depends upon being the one in charge and at other times working effectively within a group, she demonstrated an ability to influence others in a way that promoted justice. Aquino used nonviolence to stand up against injustices and made many new reforms according to the needs of the people. Unlike the Philippine’s president…

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  • The Importance Of CSR On Business

    a company and how it is good for business. After reading a scholarly journal on CSR in the Philippines, I have come to the obvious conclusion that CSR is good for business. Since the Philippines is a developing country, the aim for CSR here is to give back to the community. Corporations across the Philippines took part in this initiative in steps that benefit a sector of the population (Habaradas, 2013). The first step is to help farmers become reliable suppliers. The second step is to hire…

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  • Psychology Of Heroism

    of his fellow friends in the Philippines, he also demonstrates many examples of “small H and big H heroism” (Psychology of Heroism). Hilario Borja Salas Jr. was born on May 24, 1946 in Pampanga, Philippines. The oldest of three children, he was known as "Jun" (short for ‘Junior’) to his family and friends. Although their home had no electricity or an indoor bathroom, Hilario says he didn't consider his family to be poor because that's how everybody around them lived. However, Hilario wanted to…

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  • Movie Analysis: The Mountain Thief

    Plagued by tremendous amounts of landfills full of trash, daily methane gas, and poverty would be a great description for the suburbs of Payatas in the Philippines. Just outside of the capital of Manila is the god-forsaken town of Payatas. Manila is home to almost eleven million people and the town of Payatas is known as dumping ground for the city. Surrounded by crime, pollution, extreme poverty and death, Payatas seems to have every third world countries problems to get ahead, if only other…

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  • Annex The Philippines

    The U.S. should not annex the Philippines because the Philippine people are very experienced in speaking their own language and also having their own currency which means that they are capable of self ruling. For economic reasons like doing agriculture for a living and making some money off of that income that is why the U.S. should not annex the Philippines as well. The Philippine government was already sturdy and running perfectly fine before the U.S. colonized the Philippines and they were…

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  • My Travel Experiences: My Journey To The Philippines

    In my opinion, the world is such a diverse place with so many different countries with varying beliefs and cultures. No two countries are the same and I first learned that when I first moved to the Philippines. At first, I was shocked when I saw striking contrasts between both of the countries like in culture, people and way of life. The Philippines is still a developing country and there are many challenges that the Filipino people must face. In the Philippines, there is such a disparity…

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  • The Importance Of Air Pollution In The Philippines

    degradation of Mother Earth, and for the Philippines every waking day of a person’s life the matter of ‘gas’ is a part of it. According to an article Source of Air pollution "By inhaling a large amount of air pollution in one’s body system, it can cause serious diseases and in worst case scenarios can lead to death" (2013, par. 1). Having a tainted air that every living organisms, including the humans that are breathing. Air pollution, therefore creates a risk to the health and well being of the…

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  • Jaybelle's Transnational Journey

    ambitions for social mobility as a nurse of color. The “push and pull” migration forces in her life contribute to the self-made woman she is today, rising from a poverty-stricken…

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