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  • The Importance Of Family In The Christian Family

    Essay on Familiaris Consortio I. Introduction This document is an Apostolic Exhortation by Pope John Paul II, written to the episcopate, the clergy, and to the members of the whole Catholic Church. Its purpose is to address the role of the Christian family in response to the changing issues they face in our modern world, in order to provide encouragement and enlightenment in Christ and His Church amongst the ever-growing secularized world. To highlight the importance of the Christian family, there are several examples given demonstrating how family affects society as a whole, especially noting a correlation between dysfunctional familial situations and improper engagement with society. II. Values The essential value that this document centers around is the beautiful vocation of marriage as well as the irreplaceable value of family. When talking about the Christian family, it is important to remember that God created man in His own image and likeness. Through this unique characteristic bestowed upon human beings, God demonstrates his covenantal bond of love between Him and His people. In the same way, marriage was created as a reflection of this love here on earth; two persons enter into a covenant bound by love through the sacrament of marriage. It is a love that forgives, redeems, is everlasting, and does not give up, even when one of the members of the covenant fails to do their part in the union. This covenantal unity is a value that must always be remembered…

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  • The Importance Of Family Planning For Family

    Sarah Ostahowski has centered Sarah’s Law Firm on helping families plan for life’s unexpected circumstances. She has created a firm with a comfortable atmosphere for you to make a plan for your family. Sarah wants you to fully understand your plan and your documents. You will leave her firm confident in your plan and with all of your questions answered. Sarah is passionate about spending time with her husband, their two daughters, Elizabeth and Victoria, and their three dogs. She is also a…

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  • The Importance Of Family In The Family

    Families are all different and affect how people develop and grow to be the person they become as adults. Some people come from big families and others come from smaller families. Some families are close nit and are always together, and others are distant and see each other only every once in a while. My nuclear family consists of six people. My mother and father are both present and share responsibility in parenting my siblings and I. The oldest child in my family is my brother, Eric. The next…

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  • The Importance Of Family

    For most children, at the age of eight they have no stress, worries, or something to be upset about. They are only focused on seeing their friends at school and what is for lunch that day. I was one of those children until my Grandma Janet Ralph, my mother 's mom, received the news that her cancer was spreading rapidly. She needed to go to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, three hours northeast from home. The three weeks Grandma Janet spent in the hospital before her death were a struggle my…

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  • Reflection Of A Family: The Importance And Functions Of The Family

    a place that should be synonymous with comfort, happiness, and love. This experience not only taught me how to deal with interpersonal problems, but also made me aware of the lack of support for families in our society. Driven by the need to help others, I have chosen the social work field to make a difference in people’s lives in a caring and supportive way. Indeed, my goal as a social worker is to specialize in child and family services, which will turn my desire to bring attention and…

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  • The Importance Of Family

    of thought I related to and was surprised in finding out the insurmountable things we have in common. Josie is an individual like myself who sees the importance of family ties and excelling in education to be able to accomplish our goals, and that it is all done to be able to better care for our families, that are so important to us in the first place. To start with, Josie Valencia was born in Pomona on May 28, 1991. She considers herself a loyal, sympathetic, resourceful, reliable,…

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  • The Importance Of Family

    “No matter how different we may seem as a pair, our friendship makes us feel so alike” (Anonymous). Meeting Sara in middle school made me realize how every family has its own sets of rule. She was in the same grade as me, but looked older. Sara was an only child unlike me; I have three siblings. The fact that our customs were so different did not prevent us from becoming good friends. Spending most of the time together allowed us to know more about each other’s families. We were brought up…

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  • Importance Of Family Relationship With Her Family

    Carmen Deedy discussed family relation with her mother and how people can relate to her situation with her mother. Family and tradition is very important they are represented as a crutch or rock. The speaker presents her mother in a unique way which makes you believe the emotional tides she has with her mother. As a watcher, I am able to relate to Carmen Deedy by reflecting on my nonnie which is my Italian great grandmother and one of my grandpas. The importance of family and tradition is…

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  • The Importance Of The Family

    My Perspectives on Family SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology August, 2, 2010 After countless hours of researching The Functionalist, Conflict, and Interactionist Perspectives, I now see just how similar and how very different they are in relation to family. Society is given to separation based on personal beliefs, functions, color, creed, etc. The given perspectives show how societies as a whole view their socialistic status. The three given perspectives are divided among groups…

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  • My Family: The Importance Of A Traditional Family

    I grew up in a traditional family with both parents and three brothers. I was the third child of four children. Both of my parents came from large families. My dad had nine other siblings and my mother had 13 other siblings. Throughout childhood, my family used every opportunity to enjoy one another’s company. We even celebrated during the loss of a family member. These parties would consist of family, food, and music. The celebrating would last an entire weekend. As a child, I was not mature…

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