The Importance Of Trust On The Family

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I believe you can never trust anyone, in general. I know many people would disagree with my views on the family dynamic, but I have reasons to believe otherwise. I fully trust my birth parents, because I believe they know what is best for me. Other than that, I restrain myself from others. I have never been close to anyone besides my parents, my sisters, and a couple of friends.
This weird concept in life of units that get tied together by similar DNA shouldn’t have much importance. Forced to care about the 1st day of life, and the last. These people must visit each other and celebrate achievements or fix mistakes just because they share the same blood. This concept of living is taught world-wide. This herd is forced to interact with each other. It can be agreed that killing a human is a terrible deed, but if someone you are related to commits the crime you are supposed to
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Since, I was seen as the “ugly duckling”, and the “black sheep,” I got so much judgement from any little thing I did. For example, my aunt picked on me for being small chested at my age; she also called me immature for not partying like my cousin. As a child, I got lectured for calling an aunt “mom” because it was the wrong term. The aunt that I called “mom” she found it adorable, but the other found it wrong. Being a skinny and tall girl gave my cousins the power to pick on me because I wasn 't like them. Therefore, people should be able to decide who their family is. At age 12, I lost my step grandfather, because he had a stroke of deception. This man is now a living ghost in my life because of his actions. While, innocently sleeping on the bus being awakened by a strange touch, that wasn’t invited, terrified me to the core. I could not understand what was happening. I waited in my now empty body till the ride with over. When I was fully conscious tears ran onto my mother’s shirt while I confessed what happened when we got

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