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  • Compare And Contrast College And Community College

    What makes a college unique? The things people think about when they are thinking about which kind of college to attend is truly mind blowing. What will the size of the classes be? What is the cost at a four year college compared to a community college? How is the academic quality at this college? How are the athletics at the school? What is the student life here? Do I want more opportunities and meet more people at a bigger school or stay at a smaller school? Though a four year college and community college are similar in many ways, they hold more differences than people may realize. Many people want to know how many people will be in their class when they attend college. Depending on the school, there may be five hundred students in a class…

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  • High School And College Compare And Contrast

    spectrum is a different topic. There are different levels of education; the two that I will be contrasting are High School and College. Although both have similar aspects I will be discussing the differences between the two. College is not mandatory while High School is. Colleges are expensive while High Schools are usually free and lastly Colleges are more self-managed than High School. Those are just a few and minor differences between the two that I will go in depth with. According to the…

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  • Compare And Contrast High School And College

    An active senior student of high school will often find them self trapped in a dilemma of anxiety, as they don’t have long before they undergo a huge transition. Students who plan to go directly to college find them self confused on what to expect from college, and what college will expect from them! Senior year of high school, when friends prepare to leave friends behind, and enter what seems like an entirely different reality. While these two education systems have their similarities, they…

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  • Compare And Contrast Community College And University

    Community College and University: The Better Choice Choosing where to go to college after high school means going into a exciting ,unfamiliar world full of new possibilities. Deciding whether to go to a community college or a university many times depend on a person 's grades. There is also many other huge factors. Financial issues, someone 's type of learning environment, or whether you have determined a major or not are other big factors. For example, if someone wants to be a doctor and has a…

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  • Compare And Contrast High School And Colleges

    school and college what you picture is two different places. I’m think both reality also how our society wants us to picture these two places. There is going to some major differences, but also there are things that stay the same overall. The two different areas in schooling is basically how the student encounter on the campus and what they get out of the campus. Also how the room look in a college classroom compared to a high school classroom. I can list so many differences, but there are…

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  • Compare And Contrast Community College Vs University

    lives. This is the time when many students start thinking about the college that they might attend. Although there are hundreds of different college choices, there are only two types; a Community College or a University. While both are ideal paths after graduating from high school, a University and a Community College differ in a multitude of ways. Community Colleges are comparably smaller than Universities, offer more flexibility, and are less expensive. These attributes may make them a better…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay About College And Adulthood

    Well ok lol, so there 's 4 guys. Who are for trying to make it through college and adulthood. There many things they may have to face which includes drugs, deaths, escorting, violence, self identification issues, sex, relationships, racism, homophobia, rape, lust, suicide, drama , envy, and many more.....But, they will overcome all of these hardship by having faith, hope, ambition, grind, network, friends, family, and self confidence. They will be all successful together as they all come attend…

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  • Compare And Contrast College Football Vs Nfl

    College Football vs NFL As years go by the meaning of the game has a developed different picture. Many things begin to change as it comes to what football is really about. The NFL and college football have changed from each other drastically. College football differs from the NFL in various of ways. Many people view college football as a pitstop for big time players before they get the opportunity to showcase their abilities in front of NFL coaches. College football is different because…

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  • Compare And Contrast High School Versus College

    into college knows that both high school and college require hard work and dedication. Even though high school is mandatory and going to college is a choice, each one offers its own set of challenges that students must overcome in order to succeed. Both high school and college are expensive, time consuming, and stressful. High school and college can both be quite expensive. Even though high school may seem far cheaper than college at face value, many students who take advanced placement…

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  • Compare And Contrast Professional Football And College Football

    When comparing professional and college football even though they are the same sport they are different in their own ways. Professional is a chance for a player to have a career and make money, while college is a chance for a player to make a name for themselves. Although professional has football sunday and super bowl parties, it doesn 't offer the same ambiance as college football. College football is all about tailgating, rivalry, and trying to find tickets for the next big game. Money is a…

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