Difference Between College And Community College

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What makes a college unique? The things people think about when they are thinking about which kind of college to attend is truly mind blowing. What will the size of the classes be? What is the cost at a four year college compared to a community college? How is the academic quality at this college? How are the athletics at the school? What is the student life here? Do I want more opportunities and meet more people at a bigger school or stay at a smaller school? Though a four year college and community college are similar in many ways, they hold more differences than people may realize. Many people want to know how many people will be in their class when they attend college. Depending on the school, there may be five hundred students in a class …show more content…
At a university or private college, the price is higher than a community college. The average price at a university is around ten-thousand dollars, and the price at a private college is about thirty two-thousand dollars. Compare that to a community college where the average price is about five thousand dollars, you save a lot of money by going to a community college. Sometimes, you can get athletic scholarships from certain schools. They may offer you money to come and play or you can walk on. At a four year college, it is usually harder to get recruited to go and play. The amount of athletes that want to play is tremendous and they all want it as bad as everyone else there. The competition at a collegiate level is remarkable. Everyone is great at the sport they are going for, and even though the star athlete in high school was awesome, everyone is about the same in college. The time commitment needed is outrageous. Practices every day, weight lifting, speed and agility are all something that everyone has to do to play a sport in college. A lot of athletes get worn out from playing so much of the sport that they tend not to enjoy it as much anymore. At a community college, the competition is died way down. The amount of time needed to be the athlete that they need is still high, but you don’t have as much competition between spots. The amount of playing time will differ between every …show more content…
It is to get an education and further your understanding so you can get a job. At a four year university, most classes are taught by graduate students or teaching assistants. Many university professors are focused on research that they leave the teaching to the graduate students. At a community college, most require that their professor’s have master’s or doctoral degree for what they teach. Sometimes jokes are said about community colleges and how easy it is to get a good grade, but community colleges usually offer the same difficulty that is at a four year school. FINISH

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