Compare And Contrast High School And College

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An active senior student of high school will often find them self trapped in a dilemma of anxiety, as they don’t have long before they undergo a huge transition. Students who plan to go directly to college find them self confused on what to expect from college, and what college will expect from them! Senior year of high school, when friends prepare to leave friends behind, and enter what seems like an entirely different reality. While these two education systems have their similarities, they have very blatant differences in the responsibilities demanded from the average student. Students are required to take on all responsibilities, in college, in order to achieve desired passing grades from their professors. High school and college, both places of education which students dread going to almost every day. High school is analogous to college in various ways, including, the importance of grades, both essentially are preparing us for the future, and the style classrooms are set up. High school is the time to make not only learn, but to make …show more content…
The academical grades and classes of a student takes/receives can influence the major and electives this student takes at college. The grades during, both, high school and college have a great matter of importance! While college may have a larger impact in depicting one’s future, high school trains students with the responsibility of maintaining their own grade. They’re not only given the control to constantly peer at their individual grades, but are encouraged to do so! Though most high schools have a safety system that prevent students from falling behind, it is still possible for students to fall between the cracks resulting in failing grades of the classes. The grading systems are beyond similar, only HS chases kids down when work needs completion. College students are competent to know to constantly check grades, any and all updates pertaining to changes in

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