Cheating Or Too Much Stress?

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Cheating or Too Much Stress? Would it be nice to go to any college that is desired? There are thousands of colleges around the United States. What if any student who graduated high school could go to any college they wanted? High school determines a bunch of students’ future, especially college. Grades, activities and jobs are all important things from someone age 14-18. But, imagine if a chance to go to a dream college, was ruined because the student did not “try” hard enough. All based on a few grades that were received in high school. Many high school students and college students are overscheduled and feel pressured to do well in school.
High school can be really tough for a lot of students. Teachers and school staff put a lot
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Nationally, no one knows how many teachers boost scores or help students cheat. However, an estimated amount of 3% of teachers in any given school district are using some form of cheating (New York Times). Even though the numbers are much higher for high school students. College students did a survey that totaled to say that between 75 and 98 percent of these students cheated in high school (Cheating Fact Sheet). That could mean anywhere from one small homework assignment, to every test grade. How is any student supposed to pass high school without feeling incredibly overwhelmed? Stress is an aftermath of being over scheduled. More than a quarter of high school and college students in the US have above average stress levels. Thats 27 percent of students who are feeling overwhelmed and over scheduled! (USA Today). How is anybody that is competing at such a high level for good grades and good colleges also supposed to feel okay outside of school? Students need free time to get rid of that stress and worrying. School is very important, and as many say that cheating is unethical, then give us less homework! Cheating is just a way to relieve stress and take a little

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