English 101 Research Paper

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The Horrors of English 101
Failing the first year of college seems inevitable. Everything is dependent upon it-a good career, a good future- the entire rest of life. The biggest fear for college freshmen is failing. Failure leads to dropping out, which in turn, leads to an unsuccessful life. For most students, the first year of college seems to be the hardest part of merging into the real world. This shock of going from an easy “paved” life in high school to college life can cause major problems for the majority of freshman students. The pressure of not failing the first year proves to create a difficult challenge, especially for students enrolled in general education courses. These classes are required and students must pass in order to proceed
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Amy Fox’s English 101 course. College expectations are not like those of high school. There is a lot more work, and the work is expected to be more than satisfactory. That means spending many hours every day completing work and studying course materials. The syllabus illustrates that students “[should] plan to spend about 4 hours per week on homework for this course” (Fox 3). The time for homework will vary among students; however, the average of assigned homework will come around four hours per week. It may not sound that like much at first, but four hours can be a lot to some students, especially in college. In high school, college was glorified by mass media- everything seemed so much easier. Some students may not be able to study or do homework but once a week with a full time job along with other responsibilities. If students are expected to do four hours of assignments a week, it can force them to have to do it all in one or two days. This forces the students to have to cram to get all the coursework done. Though it seems like a lot of work, if students spread the work out throughout the week, it won’t seem to be that much. However, four hours is still a lot of work to complete and time to set aside for it. Mrs. Fox’s class is hard for a number of

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