The Importance Of Time Management

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College students often find the most difficult aspect of college is time management. It’s recommended in order to be a well-rounded college student you need to put two to three hours aside per credit hour dedicated to studying weekly. I did research on how many hours a week LSU students dedicate studying in correlation to their: classification, gender, high school GPA, senior college, and credit hours. “[Students] may have more background knowledge in English than [they] do in math. In classes that are more difficult for [them], it is not unusual to spend three to four hours a day in study and fewer in the classes with which [they] are more familiar” (Utah State University). I created a survey because “conversations with students are the most effective way to determine the specifics of underachievement” (Balduf 2009).
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More than half the participants were female; there isn’t a direct correlation between each gender studies more because there was fluctuation in each genders’ answer. I also see this trend with classification and senior college having not correlation to the amount of hours spent studying. I did notice the respondents that had 2.4 or less high school GPA study for 7 or more hours; however, only 2 out of 25 had that GPA. Therefore, that observation is inconclusive and would required more research.

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How many hours a week do you spend studying? 0 1-2

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