Importance Of Diversity In Family

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The family is one of the most important foundations for human being. Sometimes is hard to understand the whole concept of what it takes to be a family. The word family can have different meaning to everyone. But what really matters is what does family means to each of us. Families can be an emotional, financial support. A family structure can be composed by two or more people. Our cultural traditions, values and principles are passed from generation to generation from our families’ members. The family is considered a social ground in which we group up and helps us become part of a society. For many reasons families should be valuable all the time. We should always appreciate our family not only in good moments but also in the worst moments. Family will be considering the first group that will leave a huge impact in our lives. People may believe that social class influences on how parents establish a relationship with their children. …show more content…
The variety of cultural diversity in families is enormous, especially in the United States. Some people may believe that having diversity, families can be negative. One of the reasons is because sometimes it is difficult to adapt to new cultural traditions. My opinion regarding the diversity in families is impartial. Multiculturalism can cause many challenges in our society, especially when we look from a family perspective. When two families from two different cultures try to socialized conflicts can arise from different opinions or ideas between diverse families. Other people believe that having diversity, families can be positive. One of the benefits for some people is that they get to meet new people and lean new traditions. All the time we should be polite to others regarding their race, ethnics or cultural traditions. Within our family structures we are becoming more diverse, as the concept of family seems to be less

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