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  • Accuracy Of The Crucible

    The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller in 1952, tells of the Salem Witch Trials and what the Puritan people endured. The story mainly focuses on the accusers, afflicted, and the accused showing how they got away with what they stated to the court as well as how the accused plead their innocence. The Crucible follows very distinct parts of the Salem Witch Trials, some of which are very accurate, and others which are morphed to fit the storyline. Miller changes the details or leave them out in order to make The Crucible more logical and understanding to the reader on top of making it more interesting to add to the plot. .Although The Crucible includes the same basic events as the Salem Witch Trials, upon further examination it is clear…

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  • The Crucible Hysteria

    The themes of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible remain evident in today’s society. In it, the people of Salem, Massachusetts begin to turn on each other when mass hysteria around the idea of witchcraft results in the hanging of dozens of innocent citizens. Similar to The Crucible, with today’s technology, there is a huge amount of mass hysteria around the idea that the internet is threatening and alarming. In the crucible, Salem, Massachusetts undergoes the witch trials. Once one person was named…

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  • Intolerance In The Crucible

    Crucible Essay In today’s society, people who don’t learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat that same mistake again. This is clearly evident in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, as well as the Red Scare era. Fear itself can lead to illogical thinking, paranoia, and irrational decisions that result in dire consequences because people are driven to do everything they can to feel the sense of safety. Arthur Miller and so many others had to endure many struggles that were brought upon…

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  • The Crucible And Mccarthyism

    Modern Day Witch Trials”, then could we say that The Crucible to be considered to be called “The Light of McCarthyism”? Could being accused of being a witch can be considered to be the same as being accused of being a communist? Both events had a person of power (or a person who gained power over accusations) who accused people of being either a witch or a communist (Abigail Williams in The Crucible, and Senator Joseph McCarthy during the Second Red Scare) (Bonnet,…

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  • Themes In The Crucible

    Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” is a play that exhibits brutal accusations, human indecency, and a scramble for power. My Chemical Romance’s song, “Teenagers”, is about fitting in, taking a stand, and class struggle. There are numerous parallels between Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” and My Chemical Romance’s “Teenagers” including class struggle, fear, corruption of power, in and out groups, image, and human nature. Arthur Miller wrote “The Crucible” as a result of the fear of communism in…

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  • The Crucible Analysis

    The Crucible by Arthur Miller is considered to be one of the greatest plays of all time. It tells the thrilling story of the Salem witch trials of 1692. Throughout the story many characters are introduced, and each one can be seen changing as the story progresses, be it small changes, or extraordinary ones, that alter the course of the story itself. Reverend Hale is one such character that makes changes that alter the story. At the beginning he truly believes that there are witches running amok…

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  • Mccarthyism In The Crucible

    accusatory confessions to the public relating to people, in the government, following communism beliefs. This lead to Arthur Miller writing the play The Crucible, because many people, including his friends, were accused of following communism. He wrote the play with several hidden significances that represented hysteria, reputation, and stereotyping. First, one of the hidden messages in The Crucible is hysteria, an overwhelming fear,…

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  • The Crucible Reflection

    The Crucible Essay In The Crucible, Arthur Miller was successful on educating readers about history and encouraging them to not make the same mistakes of the past. The McCarthy era was more of an ideological war, meaning an idea that scared people to death, rather than a real war. The major issue that happened in Salem is that people were falsely accused of being witches when there was no real evidence of witchcraft. I believe that Arthur Miller did a sound job of getting his readers to…

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  • Analysis Of 'The Crucible'

    The Crucible: A Play About A Twisted Lie The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play regarding the Salem witch trial, a grim period of time in the United States’ history. The play talks about a group of young girls that create a lie that affects an entire community of people and leads to what we know as the Salem witch trials. Throughout the story Abigail manipulates the girls into not telling the truth while Reverend Hale tries to control the situation. Throughout the story as people begin to be…

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  • Fear In The Crucible

    another, in the hopes of saving themselves. Arthur Miller 's play, The Crucible highlights this deceitful society, and portrayed how many characters responded to fear. The title, The Crucible, is very fitting for this play because the word Crucible means a severe test or trial, or a vessel that can withstand intense heat and is used for melting substances. While characters such as Elizabeth…

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