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    helping them establish spiritual peacefulness, and motivating them to contribute to the improvement of the societies, etc. In the play, "The Crucible" written by Author Miller, it reveals certain truths about the problem of religious belief in society, how some people behave due to their believes and how their behavior can affect other people. "The Crucible" by Author Miller demonstrates that "Monomania" in belief can be a very destructive force since some people may follow their religious belief

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    CRUCIBLE INTRODUCTIONARY NOTES The crucible by Arthur Miller, is a play that deals with conflicts involved in the Salem witch trials of 1692. The characters in Miller’s theocratic society are not only in conflict with their environment, but with each other and their religious authority. John Proctor sacrifices his life as he battles his individual conscience, guilt and the authority of the church. In his play, Miller shows that when an individual questions the dominant values of a society

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    is not right. with that i will compare the crucible to the real life example I have chosen the holocaust. The question I will be answering is what happens in the world today that is similar to the “witchhunt” in the Crucible? The witch hunt in the crucible connects to the killings of the jewish people in both attempted to make people disappear, both unfairly judged, and both wrongfully accused people of something they could not defend. In the crucible and in the holocaust there are killings of

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    wisest philosophers once said, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light” (Plato). In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, Miller demonstrates how the Red Scare of the 1950s is similar to the devastating Salem Witch Trials of 1692. When Arthur Miller put The Crucible into writing, the world was a scary place, even in such a great nation such as the United States of America. This was the same as the town of Salem Massachusetts, when

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    In Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, he explains to his readers about the seventeenth century and how people were convicted for witchcraft, which led to the hanging of many women and few men. This play takes place in a small village in eastern Massachusetts. Many young girls were discovered dancing and playing of “magic” in the forest with a West Indian Slave, Tituba. During the seventeenth century, many people were convicted for so many different things and they were penalized to death or put

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    Todd Closson English 8/24/14 The Crucible Society trusts those that conform, and distrusts those that don't. One advantage of conforming to societies expectations is that you gain trust from the society. People who don't conform aren't trusted. One disadvantage is that you join the group, so you're not technically an individual anymore in your own right. In the novel The Crucible, Arthur Miller explains the causes of hysteria, mob mentality, scapegoating by showing the conflicts within a society

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  • Women in the Crucible

    The Skewed Role of Women in The Crucible The outlook on gender roles in today’s advanced society is in drastic contrast to the views portrayed in The Crucible, set in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, depicts women as weak creatures, who are expected to submit to men, and whose only access to power is through dishonest means. None of the females in The Crucible possess extreme power, but the truthful, pure-hearted, and family oriented women seem to be even

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  • The Crucible Reflection

    The Crucible is a well-made film that describes a true story in a fictional manner. The Crucible is a film that portrays the Salem witch trials. The Salem witch trials were accusations of witchcraft that led to multiple hangings and took place between 1692 and 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts. The Crucible is a drama released in 1996 and stars Daniel Day-Lewis and John Proctor, Winona Ryder as Abigail Williams, and Joan Allen as Elizabeth Proctor. This film is based off of a play written by Arthur Miller

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    Depth Essay On Hysteria Portrayed In The Crucible Hysteria is an exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement, especially among a group of people. Its effects are due to a psychological disorder or symptoms including, selective amnesia, shallow volatile emotions, and over dramatic or attention-seeking behavior. The term also has a controversial history as it was formerly regarded as a disease specific to women. Hysteria is portrayed in The Crucible and is the leading factor as to why the

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  • The Crucible Reflection

    The Crucible written by Arthur Miller is a self-contained play about a horrible period in America. Miller wrote the play during the time of senator McCarthy. McCarthy who was an anti-communist conducted with special congressional committees highly controversial investigations intended to find and execute communist sympathizer in the united states if they didn’t cooperate with them. The Crucible opened on Thursday October 19 in the Aaron Davis Hall located in the City College of New York. The play

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  • The Crucible Importance

    The Importance of the Crucible Have you ever lied to someone? Some of the people in the town of Salem had to lie to save themselves from being hanged. In The Crucible the most important lesson to be learned is not to let fear make your choices. In The Crucible people used fear to decided who is apart of witchcraft, who gets hanged from being involved in witchcraft, and some in the town let the fear of their reputation get in the way of their decisions. In the town after people were accused of witchcraft

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    Marasti Ms. Kelly Survey of American Literature 16 October 2015 The Crucible Analytical Paper “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it,” Benjamin Franklin once said. Reputation has a large impact on the citizens of Salem, Massachusetts in the play, The Crucible. John Proctor is most affected by the thought of maintaining an acceptable reputation for his name. Throughout The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, John Proctor made many mistakes, one such as committing

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  • The Crucible Essay

    The Crucible In the story The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, it explains a play that involves historical events like witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. This drama is an example of the unjust events that happened, due to the terrible lies that some young girls made up, who were supposedly witchcraft. This was a hard situation for the entire town because of the accusation of witchcraft toward innocent people. In The Crucible, Miller shows us several examples of themes, some interesting

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  • Analysis Of ' The Crucible '

    What does the word crucible mean to you? Crucible has multiple meanings. A play called The Crucible, tells of the Salem witch trials that took place in 1692. Many innocent people died during the trials or admitted to accusations that they truly never committed in order to save their lives. The witch trials were a devastating time for the people of Salem. Due to the themes, characters, and the plot, the play fits the many definitions perfectly, making it the ideal title for the play; a pot made

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    Jethro Presto Period 3 - English III P Mrs. Weidmann 10-19-14 The Crucible Essay: Interpretation (#1) The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is set in Salem, Massachusetts, during the period of the Salem Witch Trials. Before the play begins, there is a little backstory. Abigail Williams, an 18 year old girl whose uncle(Reverend Parris) is the town’s reverend, has an affair with John Proctor, a 30 year old farmer who is married, when she worked at the Proctor household. The two keep it going until John

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    They don’t believe in themselves. Mary Warren in The Crucible demonstrates this by not believing in herself and settling for being a “follower”. Mary however, has a sincere sense of loyalty to John Proctor her employer. Mary Warren goes through an inner battle of peer pressure and her loyalty to Proctor. Mary’s yearning to fit in and loyalty to Proctor develops the theme that peer pressure easily overcomes loyalty. In the beginning of The Crucible, Mary Warren struggles with an inner sense of belonging

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  • The Crucible and Integrity

    Lea DiCocco English 11- Aurigemma The Crucible Critical Lens Essay November 1, 2010 To have integrity means adhering to a strict moral or code, being undivided, completeness, or being honest with yourself. Having integrity is doing what you say you are going to do and believing in what you say. If you go ahead and do something else, chances are that you lack integrity. For example, you value honesty in a person, but when they tell you their honest opinion about something, you become upset

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  • Crucible Essay

    Death Redeems Redemption is defined as atoning for a fault or mistake. Therefore, the idea of a redemptive character emanates from that character committing a perceived wrong and then overcoming the subsequent consequences with his actions. The Crucible, a famous play by Arthur Miller, incorporates this idea of redemption into its plot through the personal journeys of major characters in the Salem Witch Trials. One such character that displays these qualities of redemption is John Proctor. In the

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  • Essay on Crucible

    Arthur Miller use a specific character to portray how people solve or fail to solve moral problems? A crucible refers to a container made of a substance that can resist great heat, for melting. In “The Crucible” the author uses characters that have moral problems that they either solve or fail to solve. John Proctor, Abigail, and Reverend Hale are considered the main characters in “The Crucible”. Abigail’s moral problem is lying. Abigail failed to solve her moral problem by choosing to lie to

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  • Truth in the Crucible

    Truth In The Crucible The play “The Crucible”, written by Arthur Miller contains many underlying truths about human behavior and thought. One of these truths that seems particularly relevant to the play reads, “To explain the unexplainable, the human mind reaches into a supernatural domain.” This statement is one that explains much of the dilemma that occurs in the play and in the real town of Salem Massachusetts. The aforementioned truth is exemplified even in the very earliest stages of the play

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  • Analysis Of ' The Crucible '

    The Crucible Lens Analysis Nine critical approaches are utilized when analyzing a piece of literature in order to appeal to a variety of critics. Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible can be interpreted from numerous approaches, but one lens that is unmistakable throughout is the psychological criticism. From a psychological standpoint, one gains access to the mindset of both the author and the characters within. In addition to this, the reader also acquires a greater understanding of the motivations

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  • The Crucible Essay

    Arthur Miller’s The Crucible explores tolerance through a variety of situations all based around the accusations, and the actual Salem witch trials. Tolerance is a result of different people’s experiences, such as conflicts with each other, or themselves, the actions of the characters, and the different themes that tie into the novel. Whether it is how “witches” are taking over Salem or how adultery is ruining people’s marriages, Miller makes sure tolerance is portrayed. The tolerance that the characters

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  • The Crucible Allegory

    In the Crucible by Arthur Miller there are many hidden meanings throughout the story put in by the author to show a similar event. Arthur Miller used the story as an allegory to his own time with McCarthyism in the 1950’s. McCarthyism begin in 1950 and ended in 1956, it all started when Senator Joseph McCarthy began to accuse people of being communists which hurt lots of these peoples reputations due to the false allegations made by the Senator who had no evidence. He wrote about the Salem witch

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  • Analysis Of ' The Crucible '

    EA In “The Crucible”, the theme that is proposed is “the truth versus faith”. Being shown throughout the play that the majority of the characters in the play are lying, for example, Proctor cheating on his wife, Elizabeth, the judge and governor lying by giving the impression that they serve the cause of God’s justice. The main lie throughout the play is “i am not a witch”.Abigail, along with the other girls, lie about their ability to see spirits. The girls are caught dancing in the forest, and

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  • Manipulative In Crucible

    It has been said by singer Sonya Teclai "It's always the ones with dirty hand pointing the fingers." For Abigail from the play The Crucible this statement could not be more true. Abigail was the one accusing the women of being witches after she had already slept with Proctor. The Crucible written by Arthur Miller was set in the small town of Salem Massachusetts Abigail the niece of the minister of the church has been the one accusing women of being witches to not get in trouble because of the mistake

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  • Hysteria, By The Crucible

    Hysteria is portrayed in The Crucible and is the leading factor as to why the Salem witch trials got so morbid and out of control. It got the best of the judges that were so quick to sentence someone to death, the girls that were involved in summoning spirits and other witchcraft things, and the town of Salem itself that simply just got too crazy to the point where they cheered on the people that were getting sentenced to death. The judges portrayed in The Crucible are a huge part of the hysteria

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  • Essay on The Crucible

    John Proctor vs. Reverend Parris In “The Crucible,” it is clearly illustrated that religion is the foundation in which the society of Salem is built upon. This directly implies that morality is highly valued in the society. In the beginning of the play, Arthur Miller draws a distinct line between John Proctor and Parris from their backgrounds and moral standards. Proctor is a married farmer who had an affair with a 17-year old house worker, Abigail. Parris is a minister of the church, and his reputation

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  • Review Of ' The Crucible '

    Review of The Crucible The Rep is a really nice, well-made place and has a great, almost dark theatre. I arrived about an hour before the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller began, but it didn’t feel like it. As I walked into the Rep, I could see a little bar, that also sold snacks like cookies and ice cream, in the top, left corner of the room. In front of the bar, they had a couple tables, with clean white tabletops. There was also a long bench that wrapped half-way around the room. On the far

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  • The Crucible - Fear

    violent actions by man, and some of the biggest collapses of organized society. In early American history, the people of Salem experienced this for themselves. Arthur Miller shows this in his book. The society of Salem that Miller creates in The Crucible shows how fear can slowly cause rational thought to deteriorate, leading to mass hysteria and eventually the breakdown of civilized behavior. During Act I, Miller shows how each Salem’s citizens begin to realize this fear they have, and how it

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  • The Crucible Fear

    ways of knowing when danger is near, it also controls the thoughts and actions of an individual. All rationality is easy to throw out the window when over whelming hysteria takes over in a similar fashion as the witch hunts in Arthur Miller's the Crucible. After being caught in the woods along with a group of village girls, Abigail Williams is questioned by her uncle Reverend Parris about the activities that took place. In this day and age, girls dancing in the woods around a fire was quite suspicious

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  • Hale In The Crucible

    In “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, the town of Salem, Massachusetts is in hysteria as the dark forces of witchcraft become evident. Honest, religious, and an expert witch hunter, Reverend Hale is called upon to investigate the “bewitching” of Betty Parris. He is motivated by his desire to help the people and save the town from the presence of the evil, but has a change of heart when he realizes everything is not as it seems. The truth captures his attention and directs him towards saving the corrupt

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  • Summary : ' The Crucible '

    happened. The difference however was the killer. In Newtown it was a single man who was mentally disabled. In Salem it was government officials. How could this have happened? Author Miller aims to explain this unimaginable event in his play, The Crucible. The play is set in Salem, Massachusetts in the late 1600’s. It begins in the small, quiet town of Salem before it becomes what they are all afraid of... hell. It is not necessarily the way they envision hell, however the dictionary defines it as

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  • The Crucible Of A Struggle

    All arguments arise through difference of opinion and separate points of view. In the crucible of a struggle, one side may act in aggressive retaliation. To properly win an argument, one must act tranquil. Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is one man capable of acting in such manner. As he endured imprisonment, he remained composed and wrote A letter from Birmingham jail (1963) to counter the argument for oppression. The fact that he has accomplished this arduous task is commendable. His literary

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  • The Play ' The Crucible '

    The Rep is a really nice, well made place and has a great, almost dark theatre. I arrived about an hour before the play, The Crucible, began but it didn’t feel like it,1 because I was still kept entertained. As I walked into the Rep, I could see a little bar, that also sold snacks like cookies and ice cream, in the top, left corner of the room. In front of the bar, they had a couple tables, with clean white tabletops. The room also had a long bench that wrapped half-way around the room. On the far

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  • Analysis Of ' The Crucible '

    standards for women in this time period. The other young girls follow Abigail’s steps until they all become obsessed with this new found power as well, “Betty: I saw George Jacobs with the Devil! I saw Goody Howe with the Devil!” (Miller 45). The Crucible is based off real life events that happened in 1692 in the town Salem, Massachusetts. Hysteria took over the town as whispers of witchcraft began to circulate after the Reverend Parris 's daughter fall asleep and would not wake along with the Putman’s

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  • The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    For example, The Crucible and We Aren 't Superstitious are all works written based off the Salem Witch Trials, which happened in 1692. The article Are You Now, or Were You Ever? was written about the second Red Scare that happened in the 1940 's and 1950 's. Even though The Crucible, We Aren 't Superstitious and, Are You Now, or Were You Ever? are about two different eras, hundreds of years apart, each of their conflicts and themes are very similar to one another. The Crucible and the nonfiction

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  • Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    The Crucible is a book about the witch trials in salem massachusetts in 1692 where abigail williams accused many of being witch. Arthur Miller wrote the book The Crucible in 1953 during the McCarthyism era to show how history is repeating itself and to try and make people understand that what is happening is wrong and needs to stop. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an allegory for the red scare in the McCarthyism era because it's almost the exactly the same incident that happened when Joseph McCarthy

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  • The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller in 1952, tells of the Salem Witch Trials and what the Puritan people endured. The story mainly focuses on the accusers, afflicted, and the accused showing how they got away with what they stated to the court as well as how the accused plead their innocence. The Crucible follows very distinct parts of the Salem Witch Trials, some of which are very accurate, and others which are morphed to fit the storyline. Miller changes the details or leave them out

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  • The Crucible And The Scarlet Letter

    the world of American literature with their stories. Even though Miller’s book, The Crucible, and Hawthorne’s book, The Scarlet Letter, were written over one hundred years apart, many elements of the stories can be compared and contrasted. The books share the same setting, a number of themes, and an important symbol, but the plots, point of views, and other symbols are completely different. In general, The Crucible tends to be a more fact-driven book (Miler vii), while The Scarlet Letter is completely

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  • The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is an allegory, meaning it can be interpreted to reveal hidden meanings, usually political or moral ones. This all happened during the Salem Witch trials, where people were initially scared of the idea and spread of Communism. This made people believe that anyone could be a communist, and this ended up making people believe others were witches. The people of Salem went around pointing fingers at others to take the blame off of them that they could be witches. They

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  • Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    Is The Crucible an allegory for the Red Scare during the McCarthy era in the 1950s? The play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller is one of the best modern American drama. In his play Miller touches on many issues of the contemporary American society: family relationships, personal responsibility, and morality. Miller wrote this play in the mid 50s when many Americans were concerned about the spread of communism in America. Senator Joseph McCarthy led the Red Scare, accusing hundreds of innocent

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  • The Crucible And The Scarlet Letter

    “The Crucible” and the novel The Scarlet Letter; both texts also took place in the same time period. In “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, witchcraft trials take place and take the lives of many innocent people. While in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the main character, Hester Prynne committed adultery was sentenced to a light punishment of public humility, small amount of jail time, and wearing an “A” that symbolized adultery on her chest for the rest of her life. “The Crucible” by Arthur

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  • The Allegory In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    they may not even believe in. This happened in the book The Crucible and during the Red Scare. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an allegory for the Red Scare in the McCarthy era because they both revolve around false accusations and differing opinions or beliefs. These false accusations lead to people being wrongly questioned and left them living in fear simply due to their opinion and beliefs. In the Mccarthy era, and in the book The Crucible, people were found guilty for believing in communism and

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  • The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    The play, The Crucible, was written by Arthur Miller in 1953. Miller wrote The Crucible because back in the 1950’s, he had refused to name others as Communists and was fined and given 30 days pended in jail. In The Crucible, if you did not say who else was a witch, you would be punished by being whipped. Also in the 1950’s, many people were suspected of being Communists and investigations took place led by Senator Joseph McCarthy. People were suspecting and accusing others of performing witchcraft

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  • The Crucible And The Scarlet Letter

    The Crucible by Arthur Miller was largely influenced by the McCarthy “trials” during the time period known as the Red Scare. Britannica gives this definition when it comes to McCarthyism: “His campaign of accusations has often been compared to a witch-hunt, particularly by Arthur Miller’s 1953 play The Crucible.” The Scarlet Letter was written in 1850 by Nathaniel Hawthorne, almost one hundred years earlier (Britannica). Both can compare and contrast in many different aspects. The Crucible and The

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  • The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    Arthur Miller defied the regulations during the 1950s in America and wrote The Crucible. It was written during the Red Scare, a time in which the United States was becoming increasingly concerned about the rising power of the Soviet Union. By writing this play Arthur Miller became suspected of being involved with communism. Within the play he uses the ‘Salem Witch Trail’ as a metaphor to draw national attention towards the doings of the McCarthyism propaganda. Arthur Miller discusses the hardships

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  • Essay on Mccarthyism in the Crucible/1984

    McCarthyism in The Crucible / 1984 Throughout history millions of people have found themselves to be guilty for crimes they did not commit , with little to no evidence, and suffered the consequences of being scorned, arrested, and tortured , also known as McCarthyism. One can clearly see that McCarthyism is evident in both the play “The Crucible” and the novel 1984 by George Orwell, although conveyed a bit differently, one can also find similarities between The Crucible and 1984 regarding

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  • The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    the story, there has been tons of controversy between the Black-list and the book The Crucible. Between those two, the Black-list and The Crucible, there were been chaotic moments and there was always a back and forth statements to prove themselves, the Blacklist, innocent. Due to that, a story has been created named The Crucible and people said the book is referred to the Blacklist. The Blacklist and The Crucible are the same because they both relate on the injustice between people being persecuted

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  • The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    the playwright of The Crucible, once said, “I think the tragic feeling is invoked in us when we are in the presence of a character who is ready to lay down his life, if need be, to secure one thing -- his sense of personal dignity.” This quote relates to The Crucible because John Proctor, a man who was accused of being a witch, and many others had lost their dignity after being accused. Also during the Red Scare, many people lost their dignity after being accused. The Crucible was written in 1952

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  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Crucible '

    Witchery is charged through fear. Sofia Marinucci investigates the power of fear through Arthur Miller’s classic play ‘The Crucible’. Is fear really worth all the hysteria? Don’t get me wrong, it is good for everyone and everything to have fears, but what is too much fear? Fear is no worse than any other weakness, indeed it is the worst weakness. However, in modern society fear is seen everywhere and influences the public to take extreme measures and act irrationally. Terrorism plays a major role

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