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  • Peter Lik: Panoramic Landscape Master

    quality, and it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so, as he currently holds an impressive four spots on the top twenty for most expensive photographs ever sold, including allegedly, “Phantom” the most expensive photograph in the world, sold at a mind blowing 6.5 million dollars to a private collector. Quite impressive for a self-taught photographer from Melbourne, Australia, who when asked what his favorite photograph is, humbly always replies, “I haven’t taken it yet.” Since his 8th birthday, in the mid 60’s, where received his first camera as a gift from his parents, a Kodak Brownie Box Camera, that he used to take his first ever photograph, a spider web at his family home, he’s constantly worked to improve his craft. Family vacations in his youth helped him find his niche and love, taking photographs of the landscapes and the ocean. He continued in his early adult life where he took road trips into the Australian Outback, with a friend, Michael Plumridge, another famous Australian photographer with a huge portfolio. It was a chance he took going to the United States in 1984 that lead to his discovery of his first panoramic camera that completely opened up his world and imagination. While on a one year trip around the country in an old beat up van, it was in Alaska where he learned about large format photography and he found his calling. He later returned back to his homeland and continued to experiment with the unique panoramic format to great effect, creating his…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Kids Have A Summer Break?

    Wyatt King Mrs. Misselhorn 6th Hour Language Arts 29 March 2017 Should Kids Have a Summer Break? For centuries kids have had most of the summer off. That time in between school some call heaven. For people that don’t know what heaven is its twelve weeks of break from school. During that time, kids can have fun, make memories with their families, and relax from loads of homework. Without that break between kids won’t be themselves. They won’t have time to make memories with their families,…

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  • Bilingual Learners Essay

    they can 't speak english. Immigrants that move here go to school and have to learn english. “Ballinger (1987) analyzed the benefits favoring the bilingual, limited English, and English as a second language student. He found that the additional exposure to English speaking environments was an asset to those students who might otherwise spend their traditional summer vacations in non-English language situations.” (Mohajer et al, 1995). Constant learning and classes that YRS offers would allow…

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  • Year-Round School Schedule

    Imagine you're entering to your class after a nice and long summer vacation. Your teacher tells you that you're having a test to see how you're doing in that math, english or science class. I am pretty sure that you will not do that well on your test, thanks to your nice and long summer vacation. That is one of the reasons why I believe that a year-round school schedule is better or more helpful for students than having a traditional schedule. to have a better understanding on what we are doing.…

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  • 3 Year Round School Essay

    Some schools do not have a three-month summer break, but rather an additional three months of school. Others maintain the three month summer break. Supporters of year-round school believe that it is better to use the three months for school. Therefore, the traditional three-month summer vacation should not be maintained. A few opponents say that it is wrong to not have summer breaks for students. They think that there should be breaks because students need the rest due stresses at school and…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Year-Round Schools

    hour language arts 24 March 2017 Have you ever heard of a year around school? It’s a new process, but has many problems. Here’s 3 good reasons why we should not have year around schools. Here are the following reasons: schedule problems due to year around schools, parents aren’t the only ones having a hard time, teachers have a hard time also. Children are constantly being overwhelmed in the year around process. Finally, teachers are also having a hard time mainly, because of the tight…

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  • Persuasive Summer Break

    Take a Break on Summer Break Towards the conclusion of each school year students are pressed with the incoming reading and packets to complete over their summer vacation. The work that they are given sits in the back of each students’ mind as they prepare for their next year of schooling. When they should be enjoying their time off, they are stuck finishing books and math packets. On top of worrying about what their new grade will bring, students stress over completing their work in time for…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Year Round School

    the next generation to lead this country they need to know as much as they can. Teaching children the basic mathematics, English, history, and science now starting in kindergarten. With courses, advancing teachers reteach the basics at the beginning of every school year. Imagine all year at school, no three month summer vacation, just all year school. What would that be like, and would children enjoy it? Would the teachers? Teachers will have to make lesson plans, and subjects to study that…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Year-Round School

    During summer, students are monotonous just sitting around forgetting material learned in school. Once the school year rolls around, the teachers have to be prepared to reteach old material which was obliterated over the summer by their students. Year-Round Education introduces a constructive solution to this issue. A year-round school attends the same amount of days as a traditional school just their days are stretched out among the year. The difference between year-round schooling and…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should School Be Year-Round?

    Should School be Year Round? For centuries after centuries school has been the core focus of a human beings life. School has been around for years to teach kids and adolescents how to do certain and important subjects such as mathematics and reading/english. For as long as school has existed, school days have been the traditional 180 days with 3 months off for working on the farm or ,nowadays, going on vacations with family. But recently it has been said that certain schools want to terminate…

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