Persuasive Essay: Year-Round Schools

Grant Welten
Mrs. Misselhorn
5th hour language arts
24 March 2017

Have you ever heard of a year around school? It’s a new process, but has many problems. Here’s 3 good reasons why we should not have year around schools. Here are the following reasons: schedule problems due to year around schools, parents aren’t the only ones having a hard time, teachers have a hard time also. Children are constantly being overwhelmed in the year around process. Finally, teachers are also having a hard time mainly, because of the tight schedules they run and have no time to make lessons for the year. In my personal opinion Schools should stick with the traditional school year rather than messing with the more complicated year around schedule.
The first reason why kids should have summer vacation is because year-around school’s conflict with family
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Donald Austin states,” If schools were open year round, not only would teachers not have to work a second job, but they also see an increase in their yearly income.” (Austin) To add on to it children will be able to advance faster through school. This can help children later in life with jobs and better understanding of the outside world, education wise. Donald states,” Instead of waiting for the next school year to start, more advanced children would be able to just go to the next level. (Austin) In some circumstances year around school can help children and teachers.
Although year around schools can help they have many more con’s than pro’s. The previous reasons, from different authors, showed what were wrong with year around schools. In my personal opinion educators should stay with a traditional school schedule, because though they help, they do more harm than they do good. Traditional school schedules are easier for teachers, children, and parents rather than putting in a new system that is more confusing and

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