Save Wildlife Essay

  • The Importance Of Endangered Species

    protect endangered species, many humans activities still decrease the lives of endangered species. The human activities that endanger species are destroying habitats, wildlife trade, and over hunting. People also have cleared forests, drained swamps, and dammed rivers to clear the way for agriculture and industry (Wildlife conservation 1). These activities are the primary reason for a species dying off. The greatest threat to a species is a loss of habitat. Every animal is adapted to a certain ecosystem to survive. When an animal 's habitat is destroyed the animal 's population will begin to decrease as a result the animal becomes endangered. Loggers destroy forest and natural grasslands. People have drained swamps and marshes and converted them into farmland. Coral reefs are polluted and overfished by people (Fredrickson 1). The tropical rainforest habitat contains most of the animal and plant life on Earth, but is the most polluted. Freshwater habitats are most threatened by pollution. Humans destroy some environments, but people have also made efforts to save animals habitats. Laws have been made to forbid hunting animals that are threatened. The U.S. National Park System has about 200 protected areas with significant wildlife habitats (Fredrickson 1). The method habitat management is a soil conservation to help save habitats (Fredrickson 1). Natural causes also can be a result to a species to dying out. Natural causes that have affected animals involve changes in…

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  • Essay On Save Our Environment

    Environmental Essay Cherise Mayo Civics 2nd We need to save our environment because it’s important for humans and animals to survive and need to help keep the environment safe, it’s part of why we live. Global warming is a major part of the situation. Fossil fuels and greenhouses gases burn to produce energy, ice has been shrinking from the Earth getting warm and it’s impacting all of the animals that live in these habitats, we need to find ways to help save the animals in the arctic and…

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  • Rhino Extinction Essay

    will exploit them for their own benefit. to keep the rhino species away from extinction. Backing: People are starting to realize that the Rhinos can soon be extinct and have only recently been looking to save the rhinos. Kaziranga National Park national park in India protect the wildlife by shooting suspected poachers dead. Action is slowly being taken and .Certain areas need more effort to be put into them; however financials cost can make it very difficult to keep all the endangered rhinos…

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  • Arctic Refuge Pros And Cons

    migrate to a new place leaving the predators with less food. And last of all, the drilling will not save us money or oil. The point is, the drilling in Alaska is has done and is doing more bad than good. At 19 million acres, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest land-based unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System. It is also one of the last intact landscapes in America. Established in 1960 to protect its extraordinary wildlife, wilderness and recreational qualities, the Arctic…

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  • David Fleay Wildlife Park Applied Theatre Project Essay

    The David Fleay Wildlife Park Applied Theatre Project, uses Theatre in Education through roving theatre, interactive performance and a post-performance workshop for young children. This will take place at David Fleay’s Wildlife Park in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast over five days during a week of the September school holidays. The purpose of this work is to educate young children about why it is important to preserve Australia’s native flora and fauna, why it is in danger, and what they themselves…

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  • Vaquita Essay

    is seen as a delicacy. In Asian cultures the swim bladder is thought to have an abundant amount of healing powers. While fishing for the Totoaba, many Vaquita get drowned in the fishing nets. Vaquita have to come up every couple minutes to breathe. When fisherman illegally put gillnets under the water in order to catch other fish, Vaquita get accidentally caught in them. Because Vaquita are stuck in the nets, they end up suffocating and dying. According to the World Wildlife Fund, “Today,…

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  • Speech On Endangered Animals

    "Save the Polar bears!" "Save the whales!" You may hear people say these things and you may see them on television or online. It is true. We really do need to start protecting our wildlife or we could lose it. There are about fifty endangered species listed on the WWF Endangered Species list, and even more that are vulnerable. What are these endangered species, why are they endangered, and what is being done about it ("Endangered Species." WWF)? There are approximately seventeen critically…

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  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zoo And Aquariums

    Zoos and Aquariums Educating oneself about wildlife can be done without even leaving the living room and is as easy to access with the resources we use for entertainment and politics. Even though a great deal of knowledge may be acquired by the astonishing information, and captivating images, wildlife succeeds in inspiring and wooing its viewers, however the lack of physical contact will always be subtracted from the experience. Zoos and aquariums offer fun, physical, educational, and personal…

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  • Carpenter's Article: Managing Biosphere, By Stephen R. Carpenter

    be endangered, they would find a way to solve and save the species from extinction. Carpenter explains that humans attempt of trying to conserve wildlife has expanded into more of a world wide type of problem. Some of the Fresh water has also been tampered by humans. The author claims that chemicals in freshwater can lead to toxicity, odor, deoxygenation, and the elimination of many species of fish. In the article, Conservation Biology, written by David S. Wilcove claims that humans are the…

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  • The Importance Of Conservation Of Animals In North Carolina

    harder to bring the animal population back to a safe number. That is where the recovery plans come in. Thankfully the U.S. Fish and WildLife Services have put in place recovery plans to help keep these animals from becoming endangered, or even worse, extinct. Some of these recovery plans are like the Beaver Management Assistance Program and the recovery plan for the red-cockaded woodpecker. This plan got the help of biologists, resource officers, and forest officers to help save this species of…

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