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  • Fear In The Goosebumps Series By R. L. Stine

    No one dares to question fear or move when you stare at the dark corners of our room, knowing for sure that something moved. But amazingly enough, fear can drive you to survive. Everyone must find a way to see the danger in their lives and allow themselves to continue on with it. The more people I see and work with and the more people I read about in books, the more I see that I has reason to fear. Though these thoughts could cripple me and force me to lock myself inside, I’ve had a realization. In books with each passing monster, there is always a hero or heroine to save the day; and sometimes with all the fear that resides in the world, that heroine has to be…

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  • Frozen Movie Essay

    begins to grow extremely ill and minute by minute getting colder and colder. One more musical number and finding out a solution to her progressing problem, Anna is rushed back to Arendale by Kristoff to find out the act of true love that she tough would save her life wasn’t so true after all and only wanted to steal the throne for his own selfish needs. Realizing the mistake he made, Kristoff turns around to save Anna, but it’s too late. After running into a blizzard set off by her sister anger,…

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  • Animals And Animals In Unlikely Heroes By Jennifer S. Holland

    when an animal saves a human or another animal’s life, but instead of coming in contact with the species. It saves lives through giving its body as a sacrifice for medical testing. Holland shares the story, “A Rabbit’s Sixth Sense,” with…

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  • Example Of True Heros

    usually selfless heros usually never you expect them to be one. Roy is a hero because he saved 7 of his fellow men. Also Being a hero is a choice you don't have to do it. When you are a hero it takes training and it takes confidence, passion, strong skills and heroes are usually positive thinkers.Heros manage stress and heros have good coping skills heros live by values. Heroes are their own leader. In conclusion heroes stands up for what is right. In conclusion an hero is not someone…

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  • The Invention Of Earle Dickinson's Band-AID

    if i can't then i feel like I could have done more. If I'm ever not their to help them, at least Band-AIDS can protect them and help them from injuries. The Band-AID was originally made for loved ones. Band-AIDS can save multiple lives of strangers, but when Band-AIDS save a loved ones life, it makes you feel a whole lot better. When we think of the lives we save using Band-AIDS, a lot of the percentage goes to people who serve in our country. Band-AIDS help so many soldiers and officers in…

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  • How Ponyboy Saved Himself Essay

    How Ponyboy Saved Himself What if an essay could save a person’s life? This happened to the character Ponyboy in the book The Outsiders which was written by S.E. Hinton. Ponyboy is in a gang of greasers who are people who are not very accepted by society because they do not have very much money and they do not always follow the law. They have a lot of conflicts with a group called the Socials, Socs for short. One day Johnny has to Save Ponyboy from the Socs by killing one. After running from…

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  • The Importance Of Exotic Pets

    According to National Geographic, the article “Exotic Pets”, former exotic wildlife owner, Tim Harrison claims, “(I) will never again own anything wild or exotic./ (I) believe ownership of all potentially dangerous exotic animals should be banned”. Therefore even a former owner of wolves, snakes, lions, and bears agrees that having possession of wild animals can be extremely dangerous to a person considering exotic pets can be unpredictable. Furthermore, owners of exotic pets do not realize the…

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  • Illegal Wildlife Trade Essay

    Illegal Wildlife Trade and the Impact of Increased Interconnectedness The illegal wildlife trade is a multibillion dollar industry that threatens not only the survival of targeted species, but the livelihood of local communities, the biodiversity of ecosystems across the globe, and even national security. As the world deals with “an unprecedented spike in illegal wildlife trade, threatening to overturn decades of conservation goals,” the urgency to find solutions intensifies (WWF 2016). Due to…

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  • The Benefits Of Zoos

    held in zoos. By researching and watching the animals in the zoos they can figure out what the animal needs to live a healthy life ( They can also learn how to preserve or save the ecosystem as a whole ( With the information that the scientists collect wile observing the animals they can learn an animal’s natural diet and what type of weather they thrive in. By observing the animals the ecologists can figure out what areas of land need to be restored and what…

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  • Importance Of Zoos In Conserving Wildlife

    the wilderness. See the most ferocious of beasts up close and personal while on the other side is the cutest animal you have ever seen. Where can you see all of this? At a zoo, of course! Zoos have hundreds of different kinds of animals to observe, but that is not what they are all about. Humans are responsible for so many animals going extinct. It is now our responsibility to preventing these extinctions is crucial maintain biodiversity and ecosystems. Zoos are taking on part of this…

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