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  • Gender Equality And Equality

    Both genders have thrived for centuries on end developing the known world with masculine and feminine ideals. The question then comes, how does the United States push women and men to work together towards equality, instead of stunting both genders evolution? Surprisingly, the solution is simple. Mending and improving the relationship between men and women provides the greatest solution for Gender Equality. When the two work together, progression for the Movement is achieved and America is one step closer to Gender Equality in the workplace, home life, and political atmosphere. Men, being the “Alpha-gender,” dominate every sphere of everyday life. They are leaders of corporations, assumed decision makers, supposed “heads of households,” nation presidents, the list goes on, and on, and rightfully so. After all, it was men who founded the soil of which our homes are laid upon, the government which promises protection of everyone’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, space exploration, and medicine. As the Women’s Empowerment specter of the Gender Equality Movement emphasizes what women could gain at the expense of man, let the United States be reminded that men have rightfully earned their title as “Alpha.” However, let America also not forget that women are just as capable of stepping in their man 's shoes. Women such as Tammy Duckworth, (Democratic House of Representative from Illinois- District 8 who flew a combat plane in the Iraq War), Susan B. Anthony (Feminine…

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  • Gender Equality: Equality And Equality In America

    Gender Equality Growing up most of us learned that the father was the the provider and the head of the family. The mother usually stayed at home cleaning and making dinner. Throughout the years this idea has changed extensively. More households have become two working parent families households. In the last few decades we have fought for equality and human rights we all should have and succeeded, yet there is still change to be made. We live in a patriarchy or a society that gives men the power…

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  • Gender Inequality: Equality And Equality

    Is it fair to be treated unequally, because of your gender? In today’s society, gender inequality happens everyday. This even happens at very young age. It starts in education. Gender inequality is unequal actions made on anyone based on their gender. If all men and women are treated equally, this will improve the value of women. Men will benefit by being informed of strengths, contributions, and capabilities of the opposite sex. Then this will possibly cause men to feel less pressure into…

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  • Gender Equality And Gender Inequality

    Gender appears to be a concept that is either black or white – but in actuality is a very controversial area of analysis. For hundreds of years gender and gender equality have been a topic of interest. Today, the interest has grown and spread to various social media platforms with an emphasis on the feminist social movement. However, in order to understand gender inequality, one must first understand the theories behind the mobilization and creation of this social phenomenon. Charlotte Perkins…

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  • Gender Equality And Gender Roles

    Ever since I was little I have been told to behave like a girl. This phrase has constantly been repeated by all my family members, friends, and even strangers. At a young age, gender roles can be very confusing. However, society makes sure to place boundaries and acknowledge differences between both roles. Even before we are born, as soon as our sex is discovered we are given a gender role and colors that we are supposed to wear in order for society to distinguish between boy and girl. Girls…

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  • Gender Equality

    What’s Gender Got to do with it? Equality. It’s something we all like to think that we have. And, for the most part, above the surface, we do. However, when you apply a male and female into an exact same scenario, you start to realize that equality among the genders is a myth. When gender is involved, it’s not difficult to see a division between the benefits and disadvantages that each particular gender receives. For each male and each female, society has created some sort of bubble in which…

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  • Gender Equality And Gender Stereotypes

    Equality Revolution Using stereotypes to categorize groups of people tends to be more detrimental than beneficial, for not just the groups themselves, but for society as a whole. This is detrimental because people typically want to stay within the boundaries of their stereotype to be considered normal or accepted, therefore avoiding the confrontation of judgment by society. In the essays written by Tom Chiarella, "The Problem With Boys," and by Mariah Burton Nelson, " I Won. I 'm Sorry," both…

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  • Gender Equality And Gender Inequalities

    compatible to men. Gender inequalities has been an issue women faces for many generations. Women have been treated as homemakers and are told to aid the men and children. As a woman, we are strong, wise, and can do anything a man can do. Some women, such as athlete can do it better. Today’s society has changed over the past few years, women are become single-parents, laws are being looped by big businesses, Our sex should not determine how we should be treated or looked at, if we are capable of…

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  • Women Equality And Gender Equality In The Military

    Women in today’s society are not getting the credit they deserve. Sexism is one of the leading issues in our world today, and can be solved by gender equality. Genders are not restricted to certain roles in our society, for example in the nursing field women tend to overrule the job availability. Another example displaying gender inequality is men working in the engineering industry. There is a constant struggle between gender equality in this world and it starts from basic actions such as…

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  • The Equality Of Gender And Gender Equality In Professional Sports

    then men had all the rights but this country was founded on “equality for all.” Since then, times have changed drastically and women have certainly received rights, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying “equal rights.” There are many people that see the equality between men and women but one place that it hasn’t been present is the sports world. Gender in all sports has been an issue even since sports came about. In the late 1700’s sports became more popular. There was golfing, horse riding,…

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