Exemplification Essay: The Book Of Job

The book of job portrays a lesson to us about how, as claimed by Hebrew culture, we ought to react in the face of life’s sufferings. Job is a prosperous man whom lives in the land called UZ with his enormous family. He is a blameless and upright man, who never commits evil and does very well in avoiding it. Things start turning south for Job and his family when the Adversary, one day, appears before God and argues, that Job is only Loyal to him because of the blessings God has provided him with. To prove his point the Adversary begins to torment Job by causing him physical pain and by taking the lives of his family, servants, and livestock. Despite all of the suffering that is inflicted upon Job by the Adversary, he still remains loyal to …show more content…
This book challenges the Idea that the followers of God do not suffer. As we see in the Book of Job, Job was very careful in avoiding evil but nonetheless was still tormented. We might try to justify why we are suffering or what the explanation behind our suffering is. This is the traditional way of thinking, and it is mistaken. According to the Book of Job there are no human answers to these questions, only God has those answers. Job makes this natural mistake, he looks at his past and realizes he has done very well at staying clear of any wrongdoings and begins to question God’s goodness. We must also understand that God is not responsible for our suffering. While reading this book we never witness an instance where God is responsible for Job’s pain. Although he does allow the Adversary to do as he will, he never inflicts any hardships on Job himself. The author of the book does this on purpose, and it is to show that there is another traditional way of thinking which is also defective. A lot of times when people are experiencing misfortune they will ask the question “why is God punishing us?” The answer is that he’s not, regardless of our innocence or our evil doings and we are wrong in assuming that he

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