Suffering And Suffering

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Suffering is in the world all around us, it is a fact of life (2) and it can teach us many things that help us to become better human beings. People often blame God for all of the pain and tragedy in the world; if we are going to learn from suffering and allow it to teach us about the world whilst remaining faithful to God, we must understand that God created a good world and good human beings, His creation has been infected by the introduction of sin, which resulted in the creation of evil and suffering (4). Man was given the option to accept or reject God, Man chose to reject and that is what has caused him to sin and therefore create suffering (5). Part of learning about the world is understanding that people are not perfect, we learn this …show more content…
Many people would rather be atheist and believe that there is no God, rather than believing in a malevolent or neglectful God (1). Different religious groups believe their God to be of varying temperaments, the bible is interpreted in different ways which leads to this differing of opinion, Christianity follows the belief of an all knowing, all loving, and just God (2). The existence of suffering can coexist with the idea of a loving God, despite popular belief (1). Suffering is a necessary part of Gods creation; he created suffering to help us learn the immensely valuable lessons that have been mentioned above, it is described commonly as ‘tough love’ (1). It is important that believers trust God, this will allow them to cope with suffering, (4) if their trust begins to waver then their whole belief system is in jeopardy of collapsing. This trust for God and His Word is the key to enduring all suffering that a person may encounter (4). The trials that we encounter throughout our lives can force us to reconsider and revaluate our relationship with God (4). The book of Job demonstrates clearly the potential of suffering to bring a believer closer to their God, although it can also drive many people away (2). This is why we need to properly address the topic of suffering throughout our lives and encourage people to discuss the topic; if people do not clearly understand the role of God in suffering then they may likely share the common view that God has forsaken them and they cannot understand why. With this education on suffering it is important to continue to seek God’s counsel often and talk with him and His followers about our views on suffering and whether we are struggling with suffering of our own (6). The topic of why God does not intervene is a prominent one in many texts; there are the theories on whether

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