Book Of Job Analysis

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In the Book of Job a great quarrel or debate between Job and his three friends, liphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite. This debate only occurs after Job’s outburst in which he cursed the day of his birth and began wondering why those who long for death continue to live. Following his cries, Job’s friends offer their though that ultimately lead Job in the wrong direction. Each friend of Job’s offers a reason to Job’s suffering. For example, Eliphaz justifies his suffering and says that his suffering is caused because he is wicked. He says the innocent don't suffer the wicked do. Then Bildad inserts himself in the conversation by offering his thoughts to Job. He implies that Job's sons died because of their own transgressions, and if Job would have been blessed by God if he were truly pure. He continues by telling Job how he should repent to The Lord. Finally, Zophar …show more content…
In his speech God explained to the men that he is very great in power, reminding them of all that He had created. God continues by saying nobody should accuse God, and that nobody should say that God is not fair, and that he demands respect. As this was a humbling experience for everyone listening, Job begins by apologizing to God and saying that he was sorry for saying the wrong things about God. The three friends then broke out into apologies and asked for forgiveness from God, and asked Job to pray for them. After all of this was done, God then forgave them all and made Job successful again. The significance of Gods speech is that same of one that a mother or father would say to their child. Even though one may be lead down the wrong path, by ignorance of their friends or anyone, they must realize their wrong doings, and then only by the help of the greater figure, one may be able to restore their

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