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  • Honesty In Honesty

    Honesty, Integrity and Trust in Leadership December 08, 2008 Recently upper management of the Indiana University Information Technology Services Department (UITS), Finance Office Staff called a departmental meeting to discuss the results of an employee job satisfaction survey the was taken approximately nine months earlier by the employees of UITS. We had received hints, from our manager, during our last workgroup meeting that upper management was quite shocked at the results of the survey concerning the attitudes of the employees of our work area. Upper management was upset with the survey results that alluded to the fact that the employees didn’t trust management. Christine Casey Cooper states that surveys reveal that only 40% of employees trust what management tells them” (Cooper, 2008). Management at UITS has as a whole has created an atmosphere of distrust in our department. Upper management has created distrust by withholding information and/or restricting the downward flow of communication through our organization. Like the white house they prefer to “leak” information thru the grapevine than have open communication. “According to studies, the accuracy of “grapevine” information is 78 to 90 percent accurate. Gordon Allport and Leo Postman report that when the “grapevine” information is erroneous and cannot be verified, the results are often dramatic.” (Hanna & Wilson, 1998, p. 36). While this information is being leaked through the grapevine…

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  • Honesty And Honesty In Othello

    believes that because he’s honest and honorable, that everyone else is the same way. Even Iago knows this about Othello, and uses it against him: “The Moor is of a free and open nature/That thinks men honest that but seem to be so, / And will as tenderly be led by th’nose” (1.3.389-391). This trust and faith in his peers is broken by the end of the play, not only because of the accusations against Desdemona, but also Iago’s constant questioning of Othello’s trust in her. Iago breaks Othello’s…

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  • Example Of Honesty Vs Honesty

    Vanity vs. Honesty Many people find themselves caught up in the everyday acts of vanity and honesty. Everyday people make decisions out of honesty or out of vanity. The changing of our society in everyday life is due to vanity. Even though most people are constantly acting out of vanity, you will find in some cases when circumstances change, people act more honestly, but ultimately vanity rules over honesty. Many individuals act out of vanity until the situation of things change for the…

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  • Paragraph On Honesty

    To me, I know right from wrong. I tell my friends the truth. I make the correct choice, and I do not get caught up with friends such as Indiscretion and Immoral. I have three best friends who are: Honesty, Discernment, and Character. These true friends keep me on track and ensure that I make the best choice. When my friends think of me, they think of someone who has the scent of fresh clothes. My friends notice me as clean. They say they hear uplifting and polite words from me. If they could…

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  • Importance Of Honesty

    and become a more reliable person, also I save a lot more energy by telling the truth. Honesty is an important value because it shows courage, it makes true to yourself and others, and it also shows maturity. Honest helps you keep relationships and build connections between people and keeps you out of trouble. Three Words That Describe Me Using only three words to describe myself is hard, but if I had to choose I would describe myself as being honest, selfless, and understanding.…

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  • Honesty In Gatsby

    Daisy was to narrate The Great Gatsby, none of the characters would be presented in the same light compared to how Nick narrated the novel. Because Nick needs to show the story from his point-of-view without the reader’s knowledge of his biases, he reminds the reader of his honesty. Nick compares himself to a “casual watcher in the darkening streets (35).” Because Nick’s opinions are very obvious, he has to remind the reader throughout his narration of his neutral standpoint. If he did not…

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  • The Importance Of Honesty

    Molded to walking alone through education prompted me to rely on myself and my own thoughts to continue my growth not only educationally but with my social life is well. “Our actions are patterned and organized, rather than random and chaotic. As we move from place to place, we retain a stable sense of ourselves, our past, and our goals for the future. There is a unity to our experiences and action” Cervone and Pervin (2010). Do you call yourself an honest person, generally most people cannot…

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  • The Effects Of Honesty And Fairness Of Students

    There has been much debate on how distance education is able to meet the standards of a traditional classroom setting. Some people feel that it is a waste of time and by far does not compare to the education a person receives in a classroom environment. On the other hand, many people feel that it is just as much the same as being instructed on campus. It is up to the student who wishes to take online courses keep up with the work assigned in order to pass the course. With several opposing…

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  • Personal Essay: Loyalty Or Honesty

    Loyalty or Honesty A nice breezy day with perfect weather temperature war as pumpkin pie when it first comes out the oven. Green, brown, and red leaves moving with the wind in a fast pace however, it was a beautiful sight to see all those colors go together. A windy day with a well needed jacket to keep from catching that bad cold. A big building filled with many windows and a colorful playground that was very fun especially during recess. She was a girl who shared loyalty with her friends but…

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  • Jemele Hill's Honesty On Racism

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was written in the Declaration of Independence and was supposed to be for all citizens in the United States of America. Although written almost 250 years ago, the narrative is still different depending on the color of your skin. Kashana Cauley wrote an opinion article called “ESPN Is Terrified of Jemele Hill’s Honesty on Racism” in the New York Times on October 10th, 2017 in which she has a very strong opinion on the treatment of blacks in America, on…

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